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Hello hello, prospective fic writer and also people on my reading page. I hope you're ready for Yuletide.

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Hello hello! For those wondering, I did survive Yuletide and I DID write 11 fics. Which is... all of the fic I managed to post in 2016. So look forward to seeing an in-depth analysis of these fics in a couple days when I get my act together and do the year in review.

First, though, let's talk about the AMAZING fic I received:

Lapidary (3367 words) by Parhelion
Fandom: Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Archie Goodwin/Saul Panzer
Summary: Saul brings his hobby to work; Archie decides he wants both cake and pie.

Nero Wolfe novels sort of define my early-to-mid-teens, and I think I first decided that Yuletide was an amazing thing because there were three (three!!) Archie/Saul fics buried in their old archive website. It’s the wisecracking sappy professionals ship of my heart. And this fic Gets It and also has an amazing vision of the Nero Wolfe universe from Saul’s pov:

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Wolfe, he was the one Manhattan P.I. back in the thirties able to handle cases where the brother-in-law maybe did it with a silver spoon in the conservatory, but you had to have brain-power, out-talk a white-shoe lawyer, and win access to a Tiffany bracelet to prove it. I found such affairs to be nice little vacations. Mr. Wolfe, like most national monuments, was always something to see. Archie Goodwin, who was Mr. Wolfe’s associate in charge of bracelet-accessing, was a friend of mine.

Parhelion has written several Archie/Saul fics and they’re all great - I feel so lucky to have received this new one. Check it out!

(And also read the Nero Wolfe novels - I’ve already gotten a few friends hooked, you could be next.)

On to what I wrote:

Catch You When You Drop (6211 words) for perdiccas
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Beverley Brook, Oxley (Rivers of London)
Draft message to Peter Grant
look maybe i dont want to find myself in the country maybe i wanted to stay comfortable and happy in london maybe i wanted to keep fighting with the thames boys maybe it was kind of fun

Beverley right after the end of the first book, trying hard to adjust to being out of London and also get hot water in her caravan. As usual I just wish I had more time to rewrite this properly, but I am proud that I managed to conceive a reasonable amount of fic and write it in a reasonable amount of time, rather than Last Year. I even managed to get everything posted well before the deadline, although as usual I was surprised by how much trouble the AO3 servers have with Yuletide and ended up stressing out as I tried to get things posted through the 500 errors.

treat fics under the cut. More RoL, Discworld, Johannes Cabal, Baseball, Matthew Swift, and a couple small fandoms )

(Please give me Yuletide recs if you have any - I'm too overwhelmed to go diving, but I do love Yuletide and Yuletide fics and I want to read more than the three I've done so far.)

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Hi! Hello! It is that time of the year again! I hope you're as excited for Yuletide as I am.

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Only a couple days late. I just flew back to grad school land and immediately came down with a miserable cold that just graduated into a shivering fever :/ Time to do a Yuletide post, basically!

My main fic:

Just Like Ice on the Dune (26519 words) for sophiahelix
Baseball RPF, gen
Tim Lincecum & Hector Sanchez, Giants ensemble and special guest appearances from Adam LaRoche, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke
Summary: Tim is feeling good. At least, he's trying pretty hard.
(Or: the magical story of Tim Lincecum and Hector Sanchez's friendship.)

I nearly murdered myself with Yuletide this year, haha. I initially didn't have a clue for what to write, and then in mid-November I came up with a great idea that involved writing a fic over the entire 2014 MLB season. I finished the second (ie presentable) draft on the afternoon of the 21st and sent it to tumblr user inkstrangle who was super super nice and betaed for me on short notice. I got it back the evening of the 23rd and spent the 24th rewriting a ton of the dialogue and also the ending and also adding scenes... and then got surprised by the Yuletide archive actually opening on time for once. I actually finished editing the fic 2 hours after the archive opened, but fortunately sophiahelix was willing to wait a little while to look at her gift and it all seems to have worked out.

I really wish I had started earlier or had more time to work on it - I just finished doing a last round of edits tonight to correct some mistakes I noticed. It's not 100% the fic I envisioned. But I'm still really glad I wrote it. This has been a very tough sports year for me, and this fic was cathartic in a lot of ways and seems to have entertained, so it's at least mostly a success.

And I survived Yuletide! And still managed to write 10 more treat fics as usual, during that period between 2nd and 3rd main fic draft.

treat reveals under the cut )

Year-end fic round-up coming sometime this week! Now I'm going to go to bed before my brains leak out my ears.
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This is the year that Yuletide almost killed me, so it's super super nice that I got an amazing fic out of it. Behold:

Intimidation Factor (1666 words)
Fandom: Baseball RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Koo Dae-Sung, Randy Johnson
Summary: where all the hungriest brothers with something to prove went.

Which is basically fic of this episode of Pretty Good, the short documentary series where Jon Bois rambles about things that he thinks are cool. That episode is about Koo Dae-Sung (Not a Hitter) getting a hit and eventually a run off of Randy Johnson (killed a bird with a pitch one time). The fic is about what that actually means in the grand scheme of things, and is really lovely and thoughtful and gut-punchingly funny.

Over the last year and a half I've gone completely off the sports deep end, and this fic jumped over and swam with me there, if that makes sense. Even if you don't do the baseball thing (and even if you don't do the RPF thing) I think you might like this.

(I owe many posts, including a fencing/general life update, 2 concert posts, and the year-end fic meme which will mostly be populated by Yuletide fics. I'll get around to it soon? Probably?)
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Hey, hello, hello! Thank you for being my author and for having great taste in media :) This is gonna be awesome.

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I checked who my authors were as soon as they were revealed because I really wanted to know, haha. Not Like I Feint Every Time We Touch is by Aja, and VII. Lakeland is by livii (which I had kind of guessed). Very grateful to both of them, this was an awesome Yuletide :)

My main fic:

On Land and At Sea (8283 words) for binz
Hornblower - C. S. Forester, Adult
William Bush/Horatio Hornblower/Barbara Wellesley
Summary: Hornblower introduces his captain to his wife. (A missing chapter from the beginning of Commodore Hornblower.)

This was super last minute for me - I had to upload a finished but very rough draft for the deadline, then got aralias to do a last-minute beta for me, and edited and posted the final version on the 23rd/24th. But it did get finished, and I think it turned out pretty well :) It was a little weird to be writing sex stuff for Yuletide, but I am huge fan of binz (and shiplizard)'s kinky Hornblower fic, so as soon as I saw binz's prompts I wanted to write something along similar lines.

On the 22nd and 23rd I wrote a bunch of Madness fic (as usual), and all of those are under the cut.

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This year I got two (two!) fics for Yuletide and I adore both of them so much, gosh. They are both about sports but only tangentially, in much the way that my fannish life recently has been weirdly about and not about sports.

My main fic was for By the Sword (!!!!)

Not like I feint every time we touch (1831 words)
Fandom: By the Sword (1991)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Max Suba/Alexander Villard, Danny Gallagher, Erin Clavelli
Summary: It’s all about prise de fer, baby.

This is a very silly fic about a terrible fencing movie that I love. I talk about By the Sword ALL THE TIME, I have forced many people to watch it, and now I can apparently add my Yuletide author to that list :D And they have written me the perfect coda to the movie, one that embraces the absurdity, doesn't let anyone off the hook, and includes a soundtrack. It's glorious. Also I am in love with the title. (And if any of this is intriguing you and you want to watch the original movie - it's on youtube!)

I also got a bonus fic for the Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles which makes me super gleeful.

VII. Lakeland (2002 words)
Fandom: The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Tim Tebow, lots of Argonauts
Go Toronto Argos go go go
Pull together fight the foe foe foe
Scoring touchdowns for the blue on blue
The Argos will win for you!

TTCC is a surreal take on football, Canada, and the energy crisis. This fic is also a coda, bringing the tone of the ending way way up as Tim Tebow's football studio is joined by a bunch of former Argonauts and made into a success. It's really funny and sweet and has excellent illustrations, and it's exactly what I wanted from TTCC fic.

Man, what a great Yuletide. IDK when I'll get around to going through the rest of the collection, but I'm looking forward to it.

(As usual I went a little off the deep end on the last couple days, so I have 5 fics in the main collection and 6 in Madness. So far they've been well received :) )

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Hello, author! I am so psyched for Yuletide and I'm hoping you are too, because we have matched and thus you have EXCELLENT taste.

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But first - my giftfic! Joanne_c wrote One Night In A Castle for me and I ADORE it and maybe you will love it too. It is Lion in Winter rpf. If you have not seen A Lion in Winter you should definitely see it. If you are not aware of the ridiculousness of the actors involved in the movie (including the late greats Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn) you should check that out also.

Here is what I wrote:

Team The Best Team (5715 words), for defcontwo
Elementary (TV), Teen. Marcus Bell/Ms. Hudson/Alfredo Llamosa, Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Marcus gets along really well with Holmes' friends.

My assigned fic! I wrote it in like... four days, and lyryk was super awesome and beta'd it for me. It was a lot of fun to focus on the side-characters, and it was interesting to write reasonable, practical characters who can actually just decide to go on a date instead of having to angst about it forever, haha. Also I am glad I finally got a full-sized Elementary fic off the ground, I have three in my WIPs. (Aaaand this fills my M/F/M threesome square in my idfic bingo, because I can make yuletide work for me.)

And then I wrote my 10 treat-fics on the 23rd and 24th:

cut for scrolling purposes )

And that's the lot! Going to start replying to comments tomorrow, it might take a while. Hopefully I'll get some recs in soon-ish - I'm maybe half-way through the archive right now, so it'll probably be mid-January before I'm ready for recs.

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I have been home for a ten days, and in that time I have been sick twice. Cold at the beginning of break, and I'm running a mild fever now. Bluh. I have also finished two term papers, done a bunch of RA work, written 11 yuletide fics, and done the whole Christmas thing. Woooo. (It actually has been pretty great.)

And I got an awesome fic for Yuletide! One Night in a Castle is Lion in Winter RPF where the cast hangs out in a drafty castle and make fun of it/each other. It's great, and exactly what I wanted. Check it out.

Maybe I will be well enough tomorrow to actually read other yuletide fics, we will see.
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Hello, author! I am super excited for Yuletide, and I hope you are too, because we've already established that you have excellent taste in media.

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1/1/13 06:12 pm
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Let me mention my giftfic again real quick first: A Pain in My SideKICK (The Non-Adventures of Wonderella) and Nonstarter (By the Sword), both by leidolette who is apparently a stellar human being. They're awesome.

Here is what I wrote:

Some Time Before (7080 words), for anstaar
Discworld, Teen. Sybil Ramkin/Samuel Vimes, Adora Belle Dearheart/Moist von Lipwig
Summary: The thing about being young is that it happens to most everyone.

My assigned fic! I was deeply uncertain about this as I was writing it, but people liked it and I think it must have turned pretty well after all. And it has four of my favorite Discworld characters in it, so.

And then I wrote ten treats while not writing a term paper:

these are cut to save your scrolling )

The end! Tomorrow I start replying to comments, and then I will finally stop talking about Yuletide for at least nine months.

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I actually made it through the archives before reveals this year!It is because I was writing a paper, so I was on my laptop and procrastinating.

I figured I'd do quick recs, so here are 17 fics in 15 fandoms

Black Books, Brick, By the Sword, DC Comics, Discworld, Gallifrey, Hark! A Vagrant, Hobbes and Bacon, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Journey to the West, Lackadaisy, Master Li and Number Ten Ox, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, The Thick of It  )

And that's it! Back after reveals with my fics. Have a great New Year's, guys!
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I got a treat fic! Someone wrote me By the Sword fic, which, I don't want to be hyperbolic here, but it is nearly the best thing that has happened to me so far. It looks like the person who wrote it watched BtS after reading my Yuletide letter, which is totally rad. I am spreading this gospel, guys.

Nonstarter, Danny Gallagher pov gen. Really interesting and intense, just like the movie. Check it out!

Saw the Hobbit yesterday, it was pretty good. Not struck by immense feelings about it. Anyway, back to my paper! One draft done, at least two sets of revisions to go.


25/12/12 01:41 pm
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And also Christmas. But let's talk about the important things, shall we?

This Yuletide I got Wonderella fic! Wonderella is an awesome webcomic, nominally a parody of wonder Woman, but mostly a parody of superhero comics in general. As I said in my letter, it speaks to my terrible cynical heart - Wonderella is a hard-drinking, hard-partying, extremely commercial superhero, surrounded by way more competent people (and several less competent people), who still manages to save the day. And I got fic! About her and Queen Beetle (one of the competent people)! And it is glorious.

A Pain in My SIDEKICK - gen, Wonderella and Queen Beetle centric. If you're familiar with the comic, I definitely recommend the fic, and if you're not familiar with the comic, then go check it out and get back to me. It's worth it!

Meanwhile, I finished up classes on the 19th, spent two days driving back home and have since kind of collapsed. I'm still writing a term paper (it's due on the 30th), but I'm taking a day off for Christmas. And, per tradition, I wrote way too many Yuletide stories while avoiding my paper, so I'm trying not to check my email too often while I wait for comments. There are three in the main archive and eight in Madness (which opens tomorrow, I think). We'll see what people think!

Okay, I have to go help make dinner. Hope everyone's having a good day :)

beta search!

15/12/12 05:38 pm
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Hey, peeps! I am looking for a yuletide beta. Mostly for grammar/style/coherence, since I'm fairly knowledgeable about the source. I'd be happy to trade betas as long as you can get me your fic by the 17th.

My fic is going to be around 6-7000 words, pg-rated with canon het ships. If you are a person who could look it over and get it back to me by the 18th, I would really really appreciate it :)
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So I heard people got their assignments today? I got mine, and it's pretty good - I matched on a fandom that I'm now not as sure I should have offered, haha, but I've already got some ideas, and I know two of the other three fandoms (though I didn't offer them), so I think it'll be okay. My first year I wrote Gallifrey (totally a gimme, especially back then when I had just been totally immersed in writing On Her Lady President's), and then last year I totally manipulated my signup in order to be assigned to [personal profile] sophia_sol (a plan that worked out very well). Hoping this year will also be relatively easy.

Mostly this is reminding me that I really need to finish my DW Femslash fic, so I'm going to try and do that this weekend as I do all my homework and catch up on sleep.
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Hello, author! I am super excited for Yuletide, and I hope you are too, because we've already established that you have excellent taste in movies/webcomics/scientists.
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14/10/12 06:42 pm
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Really not ready to do a Yuletide sign-up or Dear Author letter yet, but I just wanted to say that I'm def requesting By the Sword this year, so if you're one of the people on my flist who I got to watch it and you're planning on signing up for Yuletide, maybe you would consider offering that fandom? Because I'm not sure if anyone else has seen BtS recently (except my old fencing team, maybe I'll find out that they're closet fans.)


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