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10/1/15 08:17 pm
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ALSO I am a disaster area who is always forgetting to talk about the cool things people are doing with my fic. So here are three belated things:

Kollega translated my Doctor Who fic The Most Secret Diary into Russian, which can be found here. She ALSO sent me some comments translated from Russian to English, which was awesome and saved me from awkward google translate (I am always hungry for comments).

[personal profile] juniperphoenix made a podfic of my Doctor Who fic Young Men and Fast Cars, which can be found here. It's a really good reading that completely captures the tone I was trying for :)

More recently, petercapaldi on tumblr (who assures me that they are the real Peter Capaldi, definitely) made a fanmix based on my Hawkeye fic Life of Crime, which can be found here. I have been listening to this over and over while unpacking/studying/lying around uselessly, it is a good time.

Quick life stuff update: I went home for two weeks and now I am back in grad school land, where I have been doing a little bit of work but have mostly been lying around and coaching and being kind of sick. Coaching is FRUSTRATING but actually going really well?? No one will do what I think they should except for when it suddenly works. For example today I had to scold one of the kids for hitting too hard and make his friends scold him etc and he was totally blowing me off and I was going to murder him... Except then he stopped hitting so hard and started being a little more controlled and won the competition. I am proud and annoyed. I have to hang out with all of these kids for allllll of next weekend while we ride a bus all over the place and fence and ride back, haha. I will probably not murder any of them.

I got up at 6am and coached from 7.30 to 4.30 and I feel like I am slowly collapsing in on myself. Currently I am sitting around in someone else's house with someone else's dog, as part of a 'write things' party. So far I have written one entire email, filled out part of an application for a summer program, done that Yuletide repost, done some tag wrangling, and responded to a few comments! And written this post. I am not sure if this is an illusion of productivity or actual productivity.
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So I've spent a lot of time in cars recently, and also I have spent a lot of time thinking about Skyfall. (Seriously, it's ridiculous, when I got to the point where my grad school reading was making me think about Q/Bond/Moneypenny I knew it had gone too far, but, come on, "a man can't argue on his knees," wtf else was I supposed to think about.)

ANYWAY, the combination of listening to lots of music and thinking about Skyfall induced me to do this FST. It's about the movie generally, and could totally also be read as M/Silva, M/Bond, and Bond/Silva. It's also overdramatic and has music I picked up when I was 13, and it just shouldn't be taken seriously. At all.

I was giggling to myself as I put this together, okay.

picture of the MI6 building, with the text 'The Man Made of Guns' and '(a very serious Skyfall FST)'

Original photo by Steve Cadman

On 8tracks | Download

Since 8tracks shuffles the order of the mix and can generally be kind of a pain, I would recommend downloading.

liner notes under the cut )

I don't really know what I'm doing with mixes (this was a fun experiment), so if you have comments or concrit, both would be appreciated!


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