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31/10/14 10:10 pm
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By the way, it is Asexual Awareness week! Be aware, very aware. I'm a lot more open about my sexuality nowadays, but I hate trying to explain asexuality to people when it's me under the magnifying glass. It would be great if I had to do that basically... never, haha.

For asexuality awareness week I coincidentally sent a huge amount of asexuality resources to someone I talked to for a research project, so I am going to pass this all along, with my own personal opinions about the different sources, natch.

AVEN is the largest asexual advocacy group - while I don't engage with the forum very much, their FAQs and info pages are pretty comprehensive.

Asexual Awareness Week also have a very good FAQ.

There's a documentary on Netflix called (A)Sexual that discusses a lot of issues surrounding asexual inclusion and asexual daily life - I found it to be a bit basic, but it would probably be a good intro into how people are thinking about and engaging with Asexuality.

The Huffington Post ran a series on Asexuality that's actually really good and gets into a lot of the debates regarding asexual inclusion.

Finally, there are a lot of asexual bloggers who you might want to check out for a more personal take, but while writing this I realized that most of the sites I would recommend have stopped being updated in the last year or two. So I guess I would suggest checking out the AVENwiki's list.

While researching this, I also found out that one of the people who organize Asexual Awareness Week and I went to the same school at exactly the same time for undergrad and I never knew. So, uh. That's what I get for being totally disengaged with LGBT+ organizations while I was in college, haha.

Fic: Paean

24/1/12 10:29 pm
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Hello, story that I have been working on for over a year. Go, meet the internet.

Classic Who
Rating: adult
(off-screen sexual content, some consent issues, swearing.)
Characters: asexual!Master, the Doctor, the Rani, Drax. Some Doctor/Master and Master/other content.
Wordcount: 3,700ish
Summary: There are different forms of want, and different forms of need.
A/N: This is basically all of my asexual!Master headcanon, in run-on sentence form. Huge, unimaginable thanks are due to my betas tweedymcgee and justice_turtle, who helped me get my head together on where this all was going. Thanks so much!

fic under the cut )

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This is for my Asexual character prompting deal, except I decided I'd rather make separate posts for anything that comes out of it. It makes my life marginally easier not to break things up into tiny comments.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rating: basically gen
(some suggestiveness, bad innuendo)
Characters: ace!Odo, Quark
Wordcount: 650ish
Summary: The temptations of the holodeck are many and varied.
A/N: written for justice_turtle! Hope this suits and that my first attempt at DS9 isn't too wonky.

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I keep meaning to do something for Asexuality Awareness Week, but I am bad at posting things, especially lately. Luckily someone on the b_e comm did a fic post (yay!) and reminded me about this whole thing. Unfortunately my Ace!Master fic is still not ready to post (after being betaed over two months ago). I am also bad at editing/expanding when I don't have a deadline.

Instead, I'm doing a comment fic meme thing! Comment with a fandom and/or a character and I will write you some sort of asexuality themed fic. You can give me as few or as many prompt details as you like. Obviously I'm most active in Doctor Who fandom, but I lurk/know about a lot of other fandoms, so feel free to prompt whatever you want. If I really don't know enough to write something, I'll let you know.

If no one gives me prompts, I'll just write the adventures of Ace!Narvin and probably be really pleased with myself.
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I keep spelling 'War Chief' as 'War Chef.' I feel that this would be a very different story.

On that note, does anyone have time to beta a shortish fic about classic Doctor Who and asexuality? It's a bit less than 3,000 words. I can't decide whether I should be happy with it or if it's just actually as unreadable as I suspect.


21/4/11 11:07 am
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Woke up this morning, and there's a post-it note on my desk that says "Eleven is River's asexual wingman." I guess I got a fic idea while I was trying to sleep.

...yeah, definitely writing this.
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So, this year I wrote eleven fics for yuletide. I'm doing short headers, so that I'm not doing this all night. But they're accompanied by babble, because I always have lots to say.

First, let me mention my gift fics again. I got two fics for my asexual!Kierkegaard prompt, which is amazing and I love both of my authors forever and ever, especially since I ended up as a pinch-hit as far as I can tell. The Knight of Infinite Resignation by sinope, and "Do the Orders Say: March On?" by automaticdoor both display far more knowledge of Kierkegaard than I have, and far more awesomeness than I thought possible.

I also have a bunch of fics I liked bookmarked in my delicious, here, in case you want to check it out. I keep finding more to read, though, so it's obviously incomplete.

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Hey, so, apparently it is Asexual Awareness Week? Which I did not know! But I've been meaning to repost this for a while, and doing it now seemed appropriate.

(I am quietly or not so quietly trying to post all of the commentfic I have written on my journal. Next on the list is my b_e kinkmeme stuff, except the first one is maybe terrible and mostly embarrassing, and I'd like to post some new stuff first. So, probably won't get to it for a while yet.)

Possible Pastimes
Doctor Who
Rating: PG
(mentions of sex, but with a focus on an asexual character)
Characters: Theta/Koschei
Wordcount: 400ish
Summary: Theta and Koschei are experimenting. Some experiments are more successful than others.
A/N: Originally posted here. Reposting for Asexual Awareness Week, and also because the original is on dreamwidth and I am not.

After-glow: not for everyone )
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Uninterested Party
Nero Wolfe series
Rating: PG
(Smoking? Minor swearing. This is genfic, with a focus on an asexual character.)
Characters: Archie Goodwin, Saul Panzer
Wordcount: 1,200ish
Summary: Archie doesn't give who Saul wants much thought. Sometimes, unfortunately, other people do.
A/N: This was originally posted at the asexual fic meme here. I'm reposting it because it's on dreamwidth and I don't have an account there, because I can't edit comments, and because I like having everything in one place.

In my head Saul Panzer is always played/voiced by Saul Rubinek. )


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