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[personal profile] aralias asked me if I could do a commentary on Change of Engagement, my By the Sword roadtrip fic. Here it is! There's a lot of it - less commentary than fic, which is good, but still a lot. And mostly it is babbling about fencing and By the Sword, rather than much insight to my writing process, haha.

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I've been super quiet on the internet lately! It is because everything is ridic busy. My last substantive post was in, wow, mid-February.

Here is a short summary of what I've been up to since then, I guess?

- High School state champs in fencing went really really well. I'm super proud of my fencers and reasonably confident that I'll be asked to coach next year. It was a great experience.

- Midwest club champs happened, and I did okay the individual day and then my 2-person team didn't manage to advance on the team day. It was super close, agh. I won all three of my bouts, and my teammate won one and then lost one by a point. The invisible ghost person didn't win any bouts. There were some fun times and also some drama with my least favorite teammates, so all in all it was a pretty normal competition, haha.

- My friend who also coaches a high school team introduced his team to the wonders of BY THE SWORD. Oh my god. They loved it. Also apparently some of the girls jumped right on the Maestro/Suba train. There was legit gasping during the scene where they're fencing with their hands and Suba slaps the Maestro and the Maestro touches his face and chuckles. Which is right. That is a moment of glory. Also during the Maestro's topless sword exercises, one of the high schoolers kept saying 'there should be more light in this scene. I can't see his muscles.' These kids truly understand the wonders of BtS.

- I guest lectured at a Public Opinion class for a friend who had to go to a wedding. It was actually super fun! I always think I'm not interested in teaching as a career, but I enjoy the process of it a lot.

- I turned in the final paper for one of my classes, because it was only for half the semester. Supposedly I will now have more free time, except I ditched a lot of important things in order to keep up with coaching and my course load and research. I will still not have free time.

- Last week was spring break! I flew down to Texas and hung out with my parents and did almost none of the work I brought with me. Instead I cleaned sheet pans and went to a chiropractor twice and wrote 17,000 words of Hawkguy AU. I don't know. I'd really like to finish that while I'm still rolling and motivated, but I'm suspicious that it's going to turn out to be 25k+.

- I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel in Texas with my mom, and it was super amazing. I don't have anything coherent to say about it, except that Tilda Swinton was fabulous and totally unrecognizable.

- I got up at 4.30 this morning, got on a plane in Dallas, flew back to the Cities, and landed in the snow. Majorly unhappy about the temperature change (it was briefly 75 in Texas! it is 20-30 here!), but I will cope. Accomplished practically nothing today, except hanging out with my cat, some repairs on my fencing jacket, and mainlining the first four episodes of Agents of SHIELD. It's okay, it kind of feels like it's starting slow (which people warned me about).

- Can we talk about how good Elementary has been lately? I feel like the bits with the roosters were straight out of the best kind of fanfiction.

I think that's it? In the next two weeks I'm going to a lot of academic talks, supposedly writing a draft of another term paper, doing a fun team competition in Iowa, going to a Bastille concert, going to a Caravan Palace concert, and probably collapsing into a puddle of exhaustion. And I'm thinking I should sign up for Remix and aralias' romance novels thing. And getting somewhere with this Hawkguy AU. Woo!
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I started the idfic summer planning to write a lot of short and silly BDSM porn. Instead I've just written 8k of mostly-gen fencing fic. I feel like I could have predicted this outcome.

Anyway, it's about one third silly roadtrip stuff, one third intense fencing, and one third Villard and Suba angst. Apparently this is what my id wants - hopefully it's readable. (This fulfills the roadtrip and fencing AU squares on my idfic bingo, even though it's not an AU. There's a lot of fencing.)

Change of Engagement
By the Sword
Rating: pg
(canoodling, swearing)
Characters/ships: Max Suba/Rachel, Alexander Villard, Danny Gallagher, Erin Clavelli, Jim Trebor, Johnson, Tanos, Hobbs, and Tatiana. (A note on minor characters if you need to remind yourself who they are.)
Wordcount: 8200ish words
Summary: A year after their big confrontation, Suba and Villard run into each other at the same competition. It doesn't go that well.
A/N: There's a lot of fencing stuff in here - while I've tried to make it accessible to the non-fencer, I've also put together a few notes on some of the more obscure points, which you can find here.
Also, this fic comes with a soundtrack, because idk what I'm doing with my life. You can get it here.

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I got a treat fic! Someone wrote me By the Sword fic, which, I don't want to be hyperbolic here, but it is nearly the best thing that has happened to me so far. It looks like the person who wrote it watched BtS after reading my Yuletide letter, which is totally rad. I am spreading this gospel, guys.

Nonstarter, Danny Gallagher pov gen. Really interesting and intense, just like the movie. Check it out!

Saw the Hobbit yesterday, it was pretty good. Not struck by immense feelings about it. Anyway, back to my paper! One draft done, at least two sets of revisions to go.
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A fanvid for By the Sword. Actually, a reenactment of By the Sword's final scene. Basically, I wrote down all of the choreography and lines from the duel, my friend brought her foils, and friend no. 2 brought her camera. It took me a while to edit it all together, but it's done! More or less. We didn't have any crowds to use for cuts, so I used clips of BtS' infamous dream sequences instead.

(Compare with the original scene here.)

So... yeah. I care about By the Sword a lot, you guys, I can't even. Also, I am sorry about how ridiculous and awkward this is, but I'm also not sorry because I secretly think it's awesome, haha.

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(For those who have just joined us, By the Sword is the movie with Eric Roberts and F. Murray Abraham where they are fencers.)

I have watched this movie now. It's.

I just.

I can't deal.

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I need to shaaaare my confusion/misery/glee. Luckily I am in the last stages of working out why the DVD hates my computer, so hopefully something will happen soon.


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