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24/6/14 04:43 pm
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Update, June 2013: Dudes, I am super lazy about updating this, and AO3 is way more navigable than this mess of a list. If you want to find fic on my journal, the tagging system should have your back (or leave a comment and I will help you find the fic!).

Since fanfiction and fanart are basically the only things I post, here's a list. I realize you could just go through my tags, but I hate doing that on other people's journals, so why should I make anyone else?

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1/1/13 06:12 pm
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Let me mention my giftfic again real quick first: A Pain in My SideKICK (The Non-Adventures of Wonderella) and Nonstarter (By the Sword), both by leidolette who is apparently a stellar human being. They're awesome.

Here is what I wrote:

Some Time Before (7080 words), for anstaar
Discworld, Teen. Sybil Ramkin/Samuel Vimes, Adora Belle Dearheart/Moist von Lipwig
Summary: The thing about being young is that it happens to most everyone.

My assigned fic! I was deeply uncertain about this as I was writing it, but people liked it and I think it must have turned pretty well after all. And it has four of my favorite Discworld characters in it, so.

And then I wrote ten treats while not writing a term paper:

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The end! Tomorrow I start replying to comments, and then I will finally stop talking about Yuletide for at least nine months.

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Got through the very last weekend of the ren faire: now have weekends free for homework and TV watching and possibly trying to figure out how to personal tumblr again. Everyone else on the crew left Sunday night/this morning, running for Texas before TRF starts this weekend - you might think it was kind of sad to be left here, but it was actually really rad. I don't have to pack! I don't have to drive somewhere else! Being a local is the best, even if it means my weekly income just dropped by about half.

I have to get through this week of kind of intense homework, and then I'm going to catch up on Doctor Who and finish watching the Wire and start Elementary. I've already started catching up on The Thick of It, i.e., the show of my burned-out political heart. I forgot how much I loved it while it was between serieses, but I love it a lot. So much. It's all shallowness and ridiculous political drama wrapped around the fact that a few of the characters actually CARE about policy and fight through the manipulation instead of against it. While it was off the air, I had to content myself with Romney-gaffes and Herman Cain and American politicians being generally terrible, but I like my political satire better when it's not actually the real world. Veep is good, I like Veep, but it's never going to match TToI for me, and that's okay, because nothing ever will.

Um. Anyway. In other 'overinvestment in politics' news, I've brought back my Ghost Presidents project (which some people might remember from like a year and a half ago). I've nearly completed it, and it'll be here on tumblr from now until the election. I don't know, check it out?
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I found a fic I had lost! Very excited. It is more than a year old, man. Witness: the first time I snuck a Gladstone joke into a fic.

The Thick of It
Rating: teen
Characters: Julius/Hugh, Malcolm
Wordcount: 700ish
Summary: The DoSaC budget is being slashed, and Hugh's willing to use any means necessary to prevent that.
A/N: originally posted here for a prompt on the TToI comm.

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Let me talk about my Carnivale giftfic again, first: From the Dirt by arllama was really great, and I love it and the author forever because I got a story for meeee. (I'm like this during every story exchange, but especially Yuletide. A story for meeeee.)

And Reveals! I wrote eleven fics again, just like last year - it may possibly become a tradition, though it's probably best that I don't try to commit to it. I was much more delayed on my main fic this time, and then I ended up writing a second fic for my assigned person and a bunch of random treats on the 20th, which was better than last year (when I wrote treats on the 24th). Basically my only resolution last year was to start writing treats earlier, so that worked out, haha.

Short headers and some commentary:

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In summary, Yuletide was a blast and now I have to go respond to comments. And start stockpiling obscure fandoms for next year.

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The Thick of It fic! And it only took me about a year to finish!

The Thick of It
Rating: teen
(lots of swearing and gendered swearing, sexual situations.)
Characters: Jamie/Malcolm, Sam, Julius Nicholson
Wordcount: 3,400ish
Summary: The adventure of how Jamie and Malcolm got a day off at the same time for once in their lives.
A/N: Set sometime before the specials and the third series.

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