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Update, June 2013: Dudes, I am super lazy about updating this, and AO3 is way more navigable than this mess of a list. If you want to find fic on my journal, the tagging system should have your back (or leave a comment and I will help you find the fic!).

Since fanfiction and fanart are basically the only things I post, here's a list. I realize you could just go through my tags, but I hate doing that on other people's journals, so why should I make anyone else?

I'm only listing characters and ratings for the list - further information, including warnings, are available at the actual entries. Work is in chronological order, from earliest to latest. Some links go to the Ao3 or my Teaspoon, because I am lazy about crossposting things once they are already on an archive site.


(Doctor Who)

Mechanics Shalka, Doctor/Master. PG, maybe PG-13.

Negotiation Shalka, Doctor/Master, Alison. PG-13.

Experimentation in Trauma Management Sympathy for the devil Audio, Gatiss!Master(/Doctor), Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood. PG-13.

Five Notes Rapid Classic Series, Delgado!Master/Three. PG-13.

Unsuitable Military Headgear New Who, Eleven gen, side Amy/Rory. PG.

So Far Exceeds Expression. Classic Series AU, Various characters and pairings, mostly AU!Master/Two. Pg-13.
Chaptered story: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

The Amazon Classic Series AU, Delgado!Master/Four, Jo. PG-13.

Concerns. Time War, Eight, Jacobi!Master. G.

Possible Pastimes. Academy era, Theta/asexual!Koschei. PG

The Caged Cinema. Shalka, Doctor/Master. R.

Brinkmanship. New Who, Ten/Simm!Master/Clone!Master. NC-17.

The Man I Once Was. Six/Simm!Master, Ten!Simm!Master, Frobisher. NC-17.

One Life at a Time. Classic Series, Ainley!Master/Delgado!Master. PG-13.

On Her Lady President's Secret Service. Gallifrey Audios, Narvin, Leela, Romana II, Braxiatel, Torvald, K-9. PG.

Recycling. New Who, Eleven/River/Professor Yana. NC-17.
This was remixed by livii as part of Remix 2011. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (The Earth Day Remix).

Spin of the Nucleus. Classic Series, Three/Delgado!Master. NC-17.

Cataracts and Cascades. Classic Series, Seven/Ainley!Master. NC-17.

The Genuine Moral Incentive. Classic Series, Five/Ainley!Master, Coordinator Engin. PG.

I Know This One. Gallifrey Audios, Braxiatel/Romana II, Narvin. PG.

Playing Shakespeare. Kingmaker Audio, Richard III, Ben Jonson, Thomas Nashe. Gen.

The Renegade Tourbus. Classic Series. Timelord Renegades, Doctor/Master. PG.

The Honeymooners. Classic Series, Ushas/Koschei or Rani/Master, Two(/Master) and Three, Braxiatel. PG-13.

The End of the Over. Classic Series, Five/Ainley!Master, Ainley!Master/OCs, Peri, Erimem. NC-17.

Common Issues in Child Care. Gallifrey Audios, ensemble and baby. Gen.

Stages of Suppression. Gallifrey Audios, Romana/Narvin. NC-17.

Differentiation. Classic Series, Three/Delgado!Master. R.

Regarding the Complex. Shalka webcast, Doctor/Master. NC-17.

Prey of the Cheetahs. Classic Series, Three/Delgado!Master, Jo, Liz, the Brigadier, Benton. PG-13.

Acheron (The Following a River Remix). Ace/Tegan, Eight, Vicki, Victoria, Steven Taylor, Ainley!Master, Turlough, C'rizz, and a few more. PG-13.
Remix of livii's Whitsunday.

The Man with the Fob Watch. New Who crossover with Sherlock (BBC), Eleven/Moriarty!Master, Amy, Rory, Lestrade, Sherlock, John Watson, Mycroft. PG.

Leaky Inductive Arguments. Shalka webcast, the Doctor and the Master. Teen.

Adrenaline and Endorphins. Academy era, Theta/Koschei. Adult.

Continuing Care. Eleven, Delgado!Master, Crispy!Master, Ainley!Master. PG.

Cosmic Galacticans. Classic series, Six/Ainley!Master. Teen.

Operator, Operator. Nearly every Doctor/Simm!Master. Adult.

A Maze of Ashy Days. Leela/Donna, Ten. Teen.

Those People Down in Marketing. Classic series, Six/Ainley!Master, Evelyn, Mel. Teen.

Automaton. Shalka webcast, the Master and the Doctor. Adult.

Amalgamation. Gallifrey audios, Torvald and Andred. Gen.

Paean. Classic Who, Asexual!Master, the Doctor, the Rani, and Drax (some Master/Doctor). Adult.

Cave of Webs. Web of Caves spoof. Gatiss!Doctor/Master, aliens. Teen.

The Diver. Sympathy for the Devil BFA, Gatiss!Master/other, Alt!Three(/Master). Adult.

The Very Model. Gallifrey audios, ensemble. More or less gen, but rated teen.

Gearbox (The Won't Miss a Piece Remix). Classic series, with Seven, Ace, and a bunch of other Doctors and companions. Gen. Remix of Ad Astra Per Anatis by roachpatrol.

Midnight Oil. Classic Series, Eight/Roberts!Master. Teen.

The Most Secret Diary. Classic Series, Three/Delgado!Master and Jo/Delgado!Master, Sergeant Benton. Adult.

Also, various comment fics (pretty much all Doctor/Master) here at my teaspoon account.


Untitled drabble-thing. Jack. Gen.

Working Holiday Bridget Spears/John Frobisher. Gen, maybe PG.

(Dinosaur Comics)

Tell Everyone About Me. Dromeceiomimus. Gen.

The Mystery of Dinosaurs. T-Rex and Utahraptor.


Spatter. Viktor, Mordecai. Gen.

Clubs High. Zib and Dom Drago. Gen.

(Nero Wolfe Series)

Uninterested Party. Archie Goodwin, asexual!Saul Panzer. PG.

Crepes and Chevre. Fritz, Archie, Wolfe and Cramer. Gen.

(Richard Francis Burton RPF)

Personal Narrative. Richard Burton and co. Basically gen.

Chai! or, the Unhappy Cafe. Richard Burton and co. Basically gen.

(The Thick of It)

Video Kills. Series 1 ensemble. Gen (but PG-13).

Inconveniences. Jamie/Malcolm, Julius, Sam. Teen.

Mysterious Individuals. Crossover with @MayorEmanuel; Rahm Emanuel and Malcolm Tucker. Gen (but rated teen).

Budgeting. Julius/Hugh, Malcolm Tucker. Teen.

(Misc. Fandoms)

Mystery Solving Teens and the Case of the College Application. Hark! A Vagrant, Mystery Solving Teens. Gen (but PG-13).

Brain Coring. Girl Genius, Klaus Wulfenbach. Gen.

When Gangster Bosses Ruled the City. Tintin, Tintin, Snowy, Thompson and Thomson. Gen.
There is now a commentary for this fic here.

Monkey Pays for Hotcake. Journey to the West, ensemble. Gen.

Method Acting. Brick. Kara, Brendan. Gen.

Taping. Late Late Show RPF, Craig Ferguson, Peter Capaldi. Gen (but PG-13).

Machinery. Green Hornet (2011), Chudnofsky, Chili. Gen (but PG-13).

Wager. Dresden Files (books), Marcone/Dresden, ensemble. NC-17.

Distractions. Star Trek: DS9, asexual!Odo, Quark. Gen.

Clearing the Slate. Drive (2011), Standard and Benicio. Gen.

Making Your Way. Making Fiends, Onion Guy and co. Gen.

Making Captain. Discworld, Carrot/Angua and co. G-rated.

Recovery Time. My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah Hart and Cheese. Gen.

Distinguishable. X-Men: First Class, Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier. Gen.

Pavlov's Dog. Sherlock, Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty, Mary Morstan, Irene Adler, John Watson. Adult.

Travelogue. The Avengers, Clint Barton/Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Victor von Doom. Adult.

Mirror. Tortall Series, Jonathan Conte/Thom of Trebond, mentions of Jonathan Conte/Alanna and Jonathan Conte/Josiane. Adult.


(Doctor who)

Three and Gatiss!Master also many sketches of related people and things. All PG.

Shalka!Master fencing PG.

Six and cake PG.

Variations on Forever, an illustration for the brilliant Doctor/Master story. PG.

Sevateem Valentine, a Gallifrey comic. PG.
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