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10/1/15 08:17 pm
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ALSO I am a disaster area who is always forgetting to talk about the cool things people are doing with my fic. So here are three belated things:

Kollega translated my Doctor Who fic The Most Secret Diary into Russian, which can be found here. She ALSO sent me some comments translated from Russian to English, which was awesome and saved me from awkward google translate (I am always hungry for comments).

[personal profile] juniperphoenix made a podfic of my Doctor Who fic Young Men and Fast Cars, which can be found here. It's a really good reading that completely captures the tone I was trying for :)

More recently, petercapaldi on tumblr (who assures me that they are the real Peter Capaldi, definitely) made a fanmix based on my Hawkeye fic Life of Crime, which can be found here. I have been listening to this over and over while unpacking/studying/lying around uselessly, it is a good time.

Quick life stuff update: I went home for two weeks and now I am back in grad school land, where I have been doing a little bit of work but have mostly been lying around and coaching and being kind of sick. Coaching is FRUSTRATING but actually going really well?? No one will do what I think they should except for when it suddenly works. For example today I had to scold one of the kids for hitting too hard and make his friends scold him etc and he was totally blowing me off and I was going to murder him... Except then he stopped hitting so hard and started being a little more controlled and won the competition. I am proud and annoyed. I have to hang out with all of these kids for allllll of next weekend while we ride a bus all over the place and fence and ride back, haha. I will probably not murder any of them.

I got up at 6am and coached from 7.30 to 4.30 and I feel like I am slowly collapsing in on myself. Currently I am sitting around in someone else's house with someone else's dog, as part of a 'write things' party. So far I have written one entire email, filled out part of an application for a summer program, done that Yuletide repost, done some tag wrangling, and responded to a few comments! And written this post. I am not sure if this is an illusion of productivity or actual productivity.
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I checked who my authors were as soon as they were revealed because I really wanted to know, haha. Not Like I Feint Every Time We Touch is by Aja, and VII. Lakeland is by livii (which I had kind of guessed). Very grateful to both of them, this was an awesome Yuletide :)

My main fic:

On Land and At Sea (8283 words) for binz
Hornblower - C. S. Forester, Adult
William Bush/Horatio Hornblower/Barbara Wellesley
Summary: Hornblower introduces his captain to his wife. (A missing chapter from the beginning of Commodore Hornblower.)

This was super last minute for me - I had to upload a finished but very rough draft for the deadline, then got aralias to do a last-minute beta for me, and edited and posted the final version on the 23rd/24th. But it did get finished, and I think it turned out pretty well :) It was a little weird to be writing sex stuff for Yuletide, but I am huge fan of binz (and shiplizard)'s kinky Hornblower fic, so as soon as I saw binz's prompts I wanted to write something along similar lines.

On the 22nd and 23rd I wrote a bunch of Madness fic (as usual), and all of those are under the cut.

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Yooo, I have had a stressful/dead-line filled past few days, full of little sleep and a surprise mouse corpse in the sink. So I am doing this WIP meme! I am going to post favorite lines or SOMETHING from the... seven WIPs certainly sitting on my desktop waiting for me to survive the last week of term. It would be nine, but I can't mess with the Yuletide-related ones.

If you want to know more about any of the WIPs, just ask and I will happily babble. And feel free to take this chance and post your own WIP stuff, because I'm always interested to know what people are working on.


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beta search

31/10/14 05:48 pm
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Heyy, I am trying really hard to finish my Doctor Who remix fic - it's due by next Friday. Does anyone have time to take a look at it on Monday/Tuesday? Genfic, Classic and New Who, but no canon knowledge needed. Happy to trade betas etc although I'll be offline all weekend.
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Two fics for you! I am phasing out posting fics direct to LJ, which is sad, but was also a lot of work. It is just links to AO3 now, but you can always comment on these announcement posts if you don't want to comment there.

Fic one is Doctor Who!

A Fleeting Passion for Facial Hair
Doctor Who
Rating: gen
Characters: Multi-era Doctor and Master, Amy
Wordcount: 1,500ish
Summary: A very serious multi-era fic about the Master's beards.
A/N: Originally written for aralias' Katyzine, now slightly edited and reposted.

Read it on the AO3!

Fic two is for a webcomic called Widdershins which I adore and you should definitely check out:

No Handholds in Water
Rating: gen
Characters: Jack O'Malley and Heinrich Wolfe
Wordcount: 1,000ish
Summary: Despite Mal's best arguments, walking around in the rain is not an adequate substitute for a good bath.
(Write the platonic bathing fic you want to see in the world, that's what I always say.)
A/N: Takes place in the gap between page 46 and 47 of Green-Eyed Monster.

This is also on the AO3!

Fanworks List

24/6/14 04:43 pm
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Update, June 2013: Dudes, I am super lazy about updating this, and AO3 is way more navigable than this mess of a list. If you want to find fic on my journal, the tagging system should have your back (or leave a comment and I will help you find the fic!).

Since fanfiction and fanart are basically the only things I post, here's a list. I realize you could just go through my tags, but I hate doing that on other people's journals, so why should I make anyone else?

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1) Podfic.
susan_voight recorded a podfic of Team the Best Team (my Elementary OT3 fic)! It is here and it is excellent. I should have mentioned it foreeeeveer ago, but my memory is full of potholes. Definitely check this one out, I love susan_voight's delivery.

2) Remix.
It is remix time again! Someone remixed me! I'm so excited. Lost in the Fire is a remix of Continuing Care, which is a Who fic that I had completely forgotten existed. The remix is sort of a graceful and painful meditation on the Doctor's relationship/guilt complex/duality with the Master, and so I obviously I am super into it and I suspect a lot of my f-list will be too? Check it out, I'm already dying to know who wrote it.

3) Rec.
So I am going to a Red Sox game this week, and in preparation I watched Money Ball, because everyone keeps telling me to watch it. This is what happens when you hang out with statistics geeks. The movie was reasonably fun, but it left me with one of those yanking-in-my-chest character obsessions with Billy Beane. Idk, man, these things happen. I went off in search of fic, mostly without hope, but the internet came through for me. Oh, the internet came through. Front Offices is Theo Epstein/Billy Beane Baseball RPF. It's gorgeous, and heart-breaking, and I am going to read it at least fifteen more times this month. The writing is really excellent, the character arcs are believable and thoughtful, and man, this thing is funny. I promise you don't have to know anything about baseball to read it. Do you care about middle-aged dudes being assholes to each other and then making out and then having feelings and then making fun of each other? You will love this fic, I think.

I was chatting with a friend about baseball today, and impressed him with all of my sudden knowledge about the A's and the Red Sox's games in the early 2000s. Also knowing that the Dodgers used to play in Brooklyn, and being able to discuss Tim Lincecum's hair. I still have no idea how baseball is actually played.
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All the televised stuff, anyway.

As of last night, I have seen all 11 Doctors worth of televised Who! Or 12 Doctors worth. Or 13. The numbering schemes are becoming increasingly confusing.

Anyway. I finished Classic Who this summer, caught up on New Who in time for the anniversary, and then watched the Christmas Special last night. And I have opinions! About all of Who. Hastily-created, organized by era, very subjective opinions. Here they are.

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zine fic

28/12/13 03:36 pm
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Two pieces of news!

I wrote a fic for [personal profile] holli's Discworld fanzine "The Turtle Moves" earlier this year, and I just posted it to the AO3. The whole zine (and other zines) can be downloaded free here, but here is the header info and link for my fic:

An Incomplete List
Discworld (The Truth)
Rating: g
Characters: Mrs. Cake, ensemble
Wordcount: 540ish
Summary: Being an incomplete list of the documents found in the 'Complaints and Comments' office of The Ankh-Morpork Times, after the disappearance of Mr. Timothy Bauer.

Doctor Who fans need not feel left out! I also wrote a fic about the Master's facial hair for the Katyzine, which can be downloaded here. I will post the fic separately eventually, but for now it is zine-exclusive. Check out the zine! It has amazing cover-art and many recipes and also 'recipes' and Star Trek with cats. Truly it is the best of zines.

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And it keeps snowing. The roads are a mess. Welcome to the frozen north.

ANYWAY, this is a post to say that someone did a podfic of one of my fics, and it is awesome! Hobbit_feets podficced The Amazon (my Four/Delgado!Master and Jo & Delgado!Master manifesto). You can find it here.
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I have done it! I have seen 50 years worth of Who! I mean, approximately. I started trying to figure out how much of my life I have spent consuming Who media and promptly gave up because it is too much, even just counting the TV serials.

I finished classic Who over the summer, spent the last couple weeks catching up on the most recent series, and then watched the anniversary special today. I liked it a lot! I am going to hold on to that feeling for a while before I inevitably become kind of annoyed with Who again. It was fun.

I might do some kind of post soon about all the years of Who and the best/worst episodes, and also I NEED to watch The Five-ish Doctors. But Thanksgiving is coming and I might be scarce for the rest of the week. We'll see!
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Tweedymcgee asked me to sort Doctor Who characters into fencing weapons over on tumblr, and I did! At great length. You can see all my ridiculous headcanons here.
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Basically, it's going really well! Weekend before last I was at a Big Ten competition that was a lot of fun. My team didn't win against many other schools (there were only two of us against three-person teams, so), but we did beat at least a couple places. As as individual, I won 19 and lost 6 so that was pretty awesome. Overall, it was a great time and I enjoyed hanging out with the other fencers.

Last weekend was a local competition, and I took third in sabre both Saturday and Sunday. Also fun! I think I could have done better than I did, but I'm still pretty happy with it. In general, I feel like I'm calming down. Partly that's because I'm better (I still get really upset when I'm losing and frustrated), but partly I'm also not reacting as strongly to losses. I think that's good, haha.

I started coaching at a high school yesterday, and it's going fine so far. It's all footwork atm - we hand out gear next Wednesday - so I'm not super hands-on right now. The other coaches are super nice, though, and all of the kids are really into it. Hopefully it'll work out once I start having to actually give drills and remember people's names.

Fencing! So much fencing! It is everywhere.

Also, I've been catching up on Who in preparation for the 50th. It's weird because I'm watching very critically and I can't turn that off, but I also want to be able to enjoy the 50th and not just be mad at people, so... idk. I guess we'll see what I think about the most recent series.
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I did dw_remix! It is actually more like dw_remix happened to me. I am not sure where this wordcount came from.

First, astrogirl wrote me Genius Loci (The Evidence of Things Unseen Remix), which is a really interesting and understated take on my Leela/TARDIS fic Tiller. I like it a lot.

Second, I wrote this fic:
Nonsense All Compact (The Community Theatre Remix)
Gallifrey Audios
Rating: pg
(minor swearing and fighting. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Leela/Narvin, Braxiatel/Romana, Eight
Wordcount: 12,600ish
Summary: Braxiatel directs amateur community theatre in the small village of Gallifrey. Romana is the Council Leader in Gallifrey, and uses theatre as a political distraction. Eventually they hold hands.

Which is a remix of aralias' The Importance of Being On Stage. Basically, I looked at The Importance of Being on Stage and I was like 'man I love this fic, I wonder what it would be like if it was a slightly more shippy mundane theatre AU?' And then I wrote almost 13,000 words because I have lost control of my life.

So there is that - I need to read the other remixes and make some more LJ posts and also catch up on Doctor Who before the 50th anniversary. Also do grad school things. Busy, man.
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These are happier things! Fandom-y things. Also slightly self-aggrandizing things, but whatever, I am fine with that.

One, I just discovered that I was recced on TVTropes. This makes me feel pretty good, not because I'm on the site, but because the troper picked my ridic Skyfall Elizabethan AU and it reminded me that I wrote a ridic Skyfall Elizabethan AU. Good times. Was that seriously only six months ago?

Two, that Hawkeye comic that astridv drew based on my story got recced on the Forbidden Planet International blog. I can claim little/no credit for the comic, but dude. Dude.

Three, I've signed up for the Doctor Who remix, and you should too! I miss the bigger remix challenge, but I wrote DW every year that I participated, so this won't be that different.

I think that's it? I don't want to spam three posts at you, haha. I'll call this it. (Especially since it took me forty minutes to post this, jeez. My internet is super spotty at the moment.)
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I've committed Shalka fic! It fills the "b_e fill" and "robots/cybernetics" squares on my idfic bingo. I've been meaning to write this fic for almost exactly two years, but I kept hoping that someone else would write it for me...

Crocodile Clips
Doctor Who
Rating: adult
(sex, swearing.)
Characters: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master
Wordcount: 2,500ish
Summary: The Doctor gets sidetracked while repairing the Master's knee.
A/N: Written for an anon on the best_enemies anonmeme who prompted partially-disassembled sex.

fic under the cut )
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I've written Doctor/Master fic! I know, I thought I'd forgotten how.

Professional Foul
Doctor Who
Rating: teen
Characters: Six/Ainley!Master
Wordcount: 4,000ish
Summary: It's been half a century since infamous villain the Master brought his powerful family the wrong sort of publicity by destroying a chunk of the universe! The Master's wouldn't mind getting back in their good books, and accepts a job as physiotherapist on his mother's space rugby team.

There's just one thing — one man — standing in the way of earning back his self-respect: the team's Doctor.

A/N: Summary/basic plot idea comes from The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date. Thanks very much to aralias for the beta/running the [community profile] unconventionalcourtship comm that this was written for!

fic under the cut )

New Gallifrey!

6/3/13 10:49 pm
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I listened to the new Gallifrey series! I usually don't post reactions, because... idk, when the last Gallifrey series came out I listened to it on an over-night bus ride across Europe and I'm still not sure how much of that series I hallucinated. But this time I have a couple thoughts!

definitely spoilers here, also incoherency )
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Gallifrey fic! Ignore the nonsensical title.

On Her Tip-Toes
Doctor Who, Gallifrey audios
Rating: pg
(some minor violence)
Characters: Romana and Antonin from Reborn, John Benton and Mike Yates
Wordcount: 4,600ish
Summary: Romana goes on her adventure, with special guest Antonin.
A/N: Written for universal-invariant as part of the [community profile] morepolitics fic exchange! Universal-invariant prompted anything with the alternate Romana from Reborn, and I hope this suits (even though it turned out to have a lot of Antonin in it). Thanks to the amazing [personal profile] aralias for betaing!

fic under the cut )
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Quick quick update to say that my laptop is fine, the keyboard is dead and I'm getting a new one to replace it, and this usb keyboard is working fine for now. Very very glad to have a mostly working computer, and I've gotten one of those keyboard covers which is supposed to prevent spills from getting into your laptop because...yeah, I'm still going to eat things in the vicinity of my computer, I only have one table/desk.

Headed out to Iowa for a fencing competition, so I'll be gone all tomorrow. Between all of the reading this week (900 pages, wtf), the computer troubles, and life in general, I'm looking forward to a day of just having to drive around and hit people with swords.

BUT BEFORE I GO, a driveby rec for Doctor Who fic - which I don't seek out much anymore, but I saw something on who_otp, and then ran into this.

Sproid has several adorable UNIT slashfics posted, which is highly relevant to my interests and possibly to your interests? I particularly liked R&R in the Lethbridge-Stewart-Benton-Yates Household (John Benton/Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart/Mike Yates, short fluff), and Benton and Yates in Daring Escape from Aliens (John Benton/Mike Yates, longer actiony fic).


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