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I know it's April. But it is time! Time for me to remember...Yuletide, haha. But I did manage to write fic for Yuletide, if nothing else, and I like continuity and talking about myself. So:

I wrote and posted 15,373 words of fanfic last year: 11 stories, all of which were for Yuletide. This is part of why I've been kind of slow on putting this together. Not only do I not have much time to write fic, let alone write about fic, but 2016 was also a very stressful year for a lot of reasons and I reacted partially by not writing. This is my lowest wordcount by a huge margin - last year I thought it was weird that I'd only made it to 50k, and 2010-2013 I was putting up 100k of fic every single year. I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep while I was in college? Or I had fewer responsibilities??

Yearly questions under the cut!

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Listen, I know this post is an entire two months late. It's a metaphor for life, or something. It's definitely a metaphor for my complete inability to balance fencing, work, and the internet. The internet's been getting the shaft, lately.

I'm still planning to do a life update post! But for now: what did I write for fanfic in 2015?

I wrote and posted 56,115 words of fanfic this year. That breaks down into 16 stories. New record for low word and fic count, and once again I managed 11 stories for Yuletide, so only 5 non-Yuletide stories. The wordcount breakdown is pretty wacky, though: 25,000 words of non-Yuletide fic, 5,000 words of Yuletide treats, and 26,000 words of a Tim-Lincecum-is-a-witch. I wrote more of Just Like Ice on the Dune than I did of anything before Yuletide started. No wonder it nearly murdered me.

The lesson here is: when I'm trying to do too much at once and fencing is stressing me out and I'm supposed to be writing a dissertation and also teaching a class, I don't get much fiction written. This is super sad but not really surprising at all. My downtime ends up being a lot of TV or hanging out with friends just because I need to turn my brain off. Every once in a while I resolve to finish one of my wips, get 300 words in, get exhausted, decide I need to sleep instead. How did I use to do this? Did I use to sleep more?? At least I know I can write, because I wrote a bunch over the summer and then when tricked into it by Yuletide.

Anyway, yearly questions under the cut! Gotta figure out how to answer all of these questions with only 16 fics!

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It's time! It's time again!

Actually it was time almost two weeks ago, but I was busy. So.

This past year was my fifth putting stories up on the internet. Actually, if we exclude a terrible 200-word Torchwood fic I wrote in 2009, the 25th of January is my fanfic birthday and it will be turning five! If we include the drabble (it's about Jack outliving everyone because I figured that's where Torchwood was heading after the show killed a bunch of people off, you can read it if that's really what you want to do with your life), my fanfic turns six today. This is weird.

Anyway, I wrote and posted 78,294 words of fanfic this year. That breaks down into 18 stories. This is lowest story and wordcount I've ever had, and the majority of my fic was for Yuletide - 11 stories out of the 18. (Although it's important to note that only 16,314 words were for Yuletide. Most of the non-Yuletide fic was kind of long.)

Looking back, my annual numbers document the slide of Doctor Who fic from completely dominating my wordcount, to being roughly half of my wordcount, to being a slice, and now Who is represented by either a single fic (my Who remix story) or two if you think a silly Five(ish) Doctors fic counts as Who-fic and not some kind of RPF parody. I actually became very solidly multi-fannish this year, which was fun but a little lonesome, haha. Technically I didn't write more than one fic in any fandom, although Marvel and Doctor Who could be given two each - but they draw from completely different canons in both cases, so I think it's fair to say that this was a one-and-done year. That is a fun kind of accomplishment, but I do miss the long-term interactions that I get from sticking with a fandom for even a couple months. I kind of got that with baseball on tumblr, at least.

Okay, now questions! I went on for longer than usual this year, partly because I let myself rant about Hornblower. I have some that I answer every year and a couple new ones that I stole from aralias' year in review post. New questions (mostly) first.

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Four years of putting stories on the internet! Woooooo.

I wrote and posted 102,839 words of fanfic this year. That breaks down into 31 stories (including a zine fic that isn't posted elsewhere yet). This is the second highest wordcount I've ever had (more than 2011 and 2012, less than 2010). Interestingly, my total wordcount for this year roughly equals my Doctor Who wordcount from 2010. This year I only wrote 28,238 words of Who fic, and almost all of it was for challenges or exchanges.

I'll do a proper idfic update soon, but I'd like to point out that my idfic bingo accounted for almost half of my overall wordcount (50,134 words). So I'm counting that a success. This year I wrote a bunch of things that I was the main and maybe sole audience for, and I really enjoyed it. Also this year I kept breaking my computer and then using a lot of paper to frantically scribble fic out longhand, so that is something to remember whenever I feel like I have nothing to say or that writing is a chore.

Here are those questions that I do every year for the requisite omphaloskepsis:

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Going to be gone all day tomorrow and probably a lot of Sunday, so getting this out now. It's the annual year-end fanfic summary type thing!

I wrote and posted 97,802 words of fanfic this year. That breaks down into 29 stories (including all drabbles and commentfic except for those not!fic prompts and the handwritten meme). All but five stories were written for prompts - but the unprompted stories made up over half of the wordcount, so that's practically all of the long ones. This was the year that I wrote ridiculously long stories that no one especially wanted except me, including the Clint/Natasha/Bruce epic with extended Dr. Doom interlude, the Moran/Moriarty based around a behaviorist experiment, and the fluffy consent-heavy Teen Wolf heat fic. It was awesome!

Out of the prompted stories, 5 were best_enemies drabbles, 11 were for yuletide, 3 were for other exchanges, 2 were for the best_enemies anonmeme, and 3 were for other anonmemes. I've now officially caught up on deanoning and kind of stalled out on anonmemes in general, which is kind of sad. (And I'm still not counting my radiosonic script, since that isn't out for consumption yet. Someday it will vastly inflate my wordcount for one of these posts and I will rejoice.)

All told, it's about 220 words more and 6 stories less than last year. The story count is down because of my dry spell with anonmemes - the word count stayed about constant because I was writing some seriously long fic this year. I've felt like the ideas I've been getting have generally been mid to longfic recently, though I did write some shorter fic for Yuletide. Hm. Finally, my Doctor Who word count continued to drop, as it has every year - this year I wrote 31,479 words for Who and 66,323 for other fandoms. Almost all of my Who fic happened because of fests like remix, Gallifreyathon, and the femslash exchange. It does feel like lot of my ideas are happening in other canons. Maybe I'll return to Who fic next year - I'm planning to participate in all the same exchanges, so.

Last year I answered some meme-type questions, so I'll do them again this year:

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So, this was my second year posting fanfiction on the internet! This year was a good year - I wrote a lot of fic that is pretty okay, and I got way more involved in the people side of fandom, possibly. I joined rewatches, and chatted with people, and met people who I had only known on the internet! And then I rediscovered that a lot of my stress-related social anxiety is focused on non-face-to-face interactions, particularly interacting with people via the internet. And then I got way less involved. So. A year of self-rediscovery, haha!

The (now-annual) numbers:

I wrote and posted 97,582 words of fanfic this year. That breaks down into 35 stories (which includes commentfic and everything). Out of that, all but one or two were written for prompts. I'd feel iffy about that, but this was also the year where I used prompts more as jumping-off points, rather than looking for closely defined prompts. It seemed to work pretty well!

Out of the prompted stories, 1 was for an asexuality prompt, 4 were best_enemies drabbles, 11 were for yuletide, 4 were for other exchanges, 11 were for the best_enemies anonmeme, and 2 were for other anonmemes. (I've owned up to all but 2 anonymous fics - I should write more, I'm catching up.)

All told, it's about 12,000 words less and 13 stories less than last year. Mostly the lower story count comes from a severe shortage of commentfic/drabbles. I should get back on those, I like them. The lower word count, I'm not sure about, but it's not like a huge drop or anything. I also had a pretty even split between Doctor Who and other fandoms, this year: I wrote 53,655 words for Who and 43,927 for other fandoms. Less mono-fannishness was something I aimed for last year, but I didn't think about it when it was happening. I think I just got more confident about writing in other sources.

Last year this was all I did, but I saw aralias and tweedymcgee with this fanfic meme, and thought "why yes, I do like typing out long commentaries that I can read next January, I should do that."

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So, this was my first year posting fanfiction on the internet. Barring a slightly-bizarre drabble I wrote for a friend, my first fic was posted on January 25th 2010.

Which is weird. I've spent a lot of this year writing and thinking about fic, and it's only if I think about it that I realize I haven't been doing it very long at all.

Some numbers:

I wrote approximately 109,900 words of fanfiction this year. Out of that, 102,700 was Doctor Who fic.
This breaks down into 48 stories (which includes commentfic and everything). Out of that, 36 were written for prompts, leaving only 12 that I just wrote.
Out of the prompted stories, 2 were for the asexuality meme, 12 were best_enemies drabbles, 11 were for yuletide, and 11 were for the best_enemies anonmeme. (I've only owned up to 7 of the anonmeme fics, incidentally.)

So, apparently I like writing for prompts, and am pretty mono-fannish. Hm. This may change - I still love Doctor Who, but my reading's always varied a lot, and yuletide showed me that I'm perfectly capable of writing for other fandoms. I'd say watch this space for The Thick of It and Horatio Hornblower fic. Also my epic Caprica continuation that, no, probably will only exist in my head. And possibly more webcomic fandom stuff.

That said, I spent the first two days of the new year writing a response to a prompt on the best_enemies anonmeme. Whoops.


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