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Birthdate:Feb 12
Location:New York, United States of America
Hello! I am a person on the internet, which you probably guessed. I studied psychology, political science, and German in undergrad, and am now pursuing my PhD in political science, with a focus on political psychology. I use they/them pronouns, and would really appreciate if you avoided gendered honorifics. I'm super busy all the time. I do a lot (a lot) of fencing - practicing, competing, coaching, and refereeing - and am always happy to talk about that. Otherwise, it's all about my fandom of the moment: Doctor Who, Welcome to Night Vale, Clint Barton apparently????, idk, baseball and Rivers of London?

I mostly post fanworks and random stuff about my life, and you're welcome to friend my journal. At this point in time, practically no posts are friends-locked.

If, for some reason, you want to build off one of my fanworks, I'm giving blanket permission for any derivative/transformative/whatever works based off of my own work. That includes podfic, remixes, fanart, translations, and other things that I don't know about. Please just comment to let me know what you're doing, and credit me wherever appropriate. Thanks!
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