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Hypocrisy Was Our Text
James Bond (Skyfall) + 16th century RPF
Rating: teen
Characters/ships: minor James Bond/Raoul Silva, M (Judy Dench), Eve Moneypenny, Q (Whishaw), Bill Tanner
Wordcount: 11,400ish
Summary: When Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix Bond die in 1572, they leave behind a small freehold, a large house, and a very small, very angry boy.
A retelling of Skyfall, as it might have happened in Elizabethan England.

A/N: This fic features examples of historical prejudice against Catholics, minor violence and torture, and canon character death. Please let me know if you need further details for your own self-care. Thanks to the fantastic foralllove for betaing!

This grew out of a not!fic prompt by narwhale_callin. At the time, I said that historical Bond was the prompt I was most likely to write a 300,000 word epic for, and I am proud of myself for keeping it down to under 12k. The not!fic contains massive spoilers for the actual fic, so I've linked it in the end-notes for the curious. If you care about how I've set about an Elizabethan version of Skyfall, read the rest of the notes below; if you just want to read the fic, skip to the end of the notes and just click the cut, you should be fine.

This fic is as historically accurate as I could make it, while the dialogue/narration is in the modern vernacular, more or less - I've avoided major anachronisms, but I'd rather it was readable instead of perfect. The story should be understandable without much knowledge of the late 16th century, though there are some conceits. Specifically, Bond-canon characters are subbing for or mixed with historical personages - here are some names/links, though you don't need to worry about this stuff if you're not interested. M is taking Robert Cecil's place, Q is heavily mixed with Anthony Bacon and has gained Bacon's limp and woeful outlook on life, and Silva borrows from incidents/attitude from both Christopher Marlowe and Edward Talbot. Bond is mixed with James Tipping, and Eve is mixed with Michael Moody, who are minor historical spies/thugs with no wiki pages. Tanner isn't historically anyone, except Rory Kinnear doing Shakespeare.

Okay, you made it to the end of the notes. You can read the fic now, sorry about that!

fic under the cut! )
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This is an annotation/commentary for Chai! or, the Unhappy Cafe and also for Personal Narrative, which are about Richard Francis Burton. It's meant to be read after those fics, though if you want a bunch of random history and opinions you can probably read this anyway!

This is also really long )

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Let me talk about my Carnivale giftfic again, first: From the Dirt by arllama was really great, and I love it and the author forever because I got a story for meeee. (I'm like this during every story exchange, but especially Yuletide. A story for meeeee.)

And Reveals! I wrote eleven fics again, just like last year - it may possibly become a tradition, though it's probably best that I don't try to commit to it. I was much more delayed on my main fic this time, and then I ended up writing a second fic for my assigned person and a bunch of random treats on the 20th, which was better than last year (when I wrote treats on the 24th). Basically my only resolution last year was to start writing treats earlier, so that worked out, haha.

Short headers and some commentary:

...under the cut )

In summary, Yuletide was a blast and now I have to go respond to comments. And start stockpiling obscure fandoms for next year.

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I'm supposedly doing work before I go to fencing, but I had to take a break to share these emails.

From my brother (age 16 and getting slightly better at spelling or at least using spellcheck all the time):
for your reading pleasure a paper of unlivable quality. a piece of scolerly work so great that looking upon it make one cry, in both amazement at its butie, and envy for not being the blessed one who wrote it. prepare to be blown away.
Attached: his paper on the bolshevik revolution in Russia for history class.

Am I supposed to edit this, or just stare at it in awe?

just stare in pure awe, for this paper has no compare, and to edit it would be sacrilege. so what do ye think of dis' fine pice o' papyrus?

Yeah. So I told him what I thought, and that I liked his reference to Plato's Cave in the conclusion, but I thought it might need explained better. Then we discussed the October Revolution for a while and talked about our writing projects. I wish we got along this well when we're actually in the same country/state.

Also, I wish I could travel back in time and tell myself "look, I know you think he's an alien now, and you are, in fact, even writing a book about how is an alien, complete with forged evidence and a forced confession. But I have proof that you are practically the same person, so maybe you should give this up." I mean, not that it'd have an impact, but the look on my face would be priceless.

I feel like the point of this post got lost somewhere in that last paragraph, but whatever. My brother's awesome, even if I disagree with him about the extent of the German influence on Russian popular opinion between the February and October revolutions.
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I just don't have good opinions about Doctor Who. Or, I do, but they boil down to oh, I didn't like that, oh, that's nice, oh my god these people are so messed up, oh agh terrifying.

So this is another historyish reaction post.

This is cut for pictures, but there are a couple spoilers of this less plot-relevant variety. )
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But in reality, it's mostly just me talking about history, and hardly anything to do with Who at all. Good priorities, me.

This is cut, but there aren't any real spoilers. Avoid if you want to know nothing about the episode, even throwaway lines about American history. )

In sum - Doctor Who, please never stop making historicals, even if they are terrifying. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get my historical RPF love all over my favorite fandom.
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It has been pointed out to me by [ profile] birdsarecalling  that misrepresenting historical characters is practically a Doctor Who tradition. However, I still feel vaguely guilty about it, the same way I often feel vaguely guilty after eating a delicious candy bar. To appease this feeling, here is some history.

Colonel Thomas Blood: Criminal Genius. Or Something. )


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