15/5/11 12:20 am
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Was that the most Gaimanest thing or what? If you've ever seen/read anything he's written, you can tell within a minute of the episode starting.

cut for about one line of review that is still fairly spoilery )
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I just don't have good opinions about Doctor Who. Or, I do, but they boil down to oh, I didn't like that, oh, that's nice, oh my god these people are so messed up, oh agh terrifying.

So this is another historyish reaction post.

This is cut for pictures, but there are a couple spoilers of this less plot-relevant variety. )
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But in reality, it's mostly just me talking about history, and hardly anything to do with Who at all. Good priorities, me.

This is cut, but there aren't any real spoilers. Avoid if you want to know nothing about the episode, even throwaway lines about American history. )

In sum - Doctor Who, please never stop making historicals, even if they are terrifying. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get my historical RPF love all over my favorite fandom.

Day Five

1/2/10 12:05 am
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Oh man, here is the end. General thoughts and my take on the series under the cut.

Aliens and GUNS and Torchwood )

Tl;dr: Spears/Frobisher forthcoming. I like CoE. A lot. How'd that happen?

Day Four

26/1/10 12:32 am
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Back to watching Torchwood, since I'm more or less done with homework. Though my dreams of seeing the whole thing in a week were dashed, I'll probably finish it sometime this week.

I think I remember what was happening... )

So, that was pretty intense. Hoping it doesn't all fall apart.

Day Three

21/1/10 12:08 am
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Watched Doctor Who all day today and have to go to class tomorrow- obviously time for another Torchwood reaction post. Might be able to watch the whole thing this week, yay.

WheeOoOo- wait, wrong show. )

tl;dr: writers increasingly share my predilection for the Home Office over the Torchwood team.
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Another reactions post

Dramatic Music )
tl;dr: Still tightly paced, still watching it wrong.
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What's this? I never post here. Well, I'm finally watching Torchwood series three, and I have Thoughts.

Cut for blabbering )

tl;dr: Plot is good, I still don't like Jack and Ianto, and I'm probably rooting for the wrong people. Again.


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