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Only a couple days late. I just flew back to grad school land and immediately came down with a miserable cold that just graduated into a shivering fever :/ Time to do a Yuletide post, basically!

My main fic:

Just Like Ice on the Dune (26519 words) for sophiahelix
Baseball RPF, gen
Tim Lincecum & Hector Sanchez, Giants ensemble and special guest appearances from Adam LaRoche, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke
Summary: Tim is feeling good. At least, he's trying pretty hard.
(Or: the magical story of Tim Lincecum and Hector Sanchez's friendship.)

I nearly murdered myself with Yuletide this year, haha. I initially didn't have a clue for what to write, and then in mid-November I came up with a great idea that involved writing a fic over the entire 2014 MLB season. I finished the second (ie presentable) draft on the afternoon of the 21st and sent it to tumblr user inkstrangle who was super super nice and betaed for me on short notice. I got it back the evening of the 23rd and spent the 24th rewriting a ton of the dialogue and also the ending and also adding scenes... and then got surprised by the Yuletide archive actually opening on time for once. I actually finished editing the fic 2 hours after the archive opened, but fortunately sophiahelix was willing to wait a little while to look at her gift and it all seems to have worked out.

I really wish I had started earlier or had more time to work on it - I just finished doing a last round of edits tonight to correct some mistakes I noticed. It's not 100% the fic I envisioned. But I'm still really glad I wrote it. This has been a very tough sports year for me, and this fic was cathartic in a lot of ways and seems to have entertained, so it's at least mostly a success.

And I survived Yuletide! And still managed to write 10 more treat fics as usual, during that period between 2nd and 3rd main fic draft.

treat reveals under the cut )

Year-end fic round-up coming sometime this week! Now I'm going to go to bed before my brains leak out my ears.
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Two fics for you! I am phasing out posting fics direct to LJ, which is sad, but was also a lot of work. It is just links to AO3 now, but you can always comment on these announcement posts if you don't want to comment there.

Fic one is Doctor Who!

A Fleeting Passion for Facial Hair
Doctor Who
Rating: gen
Characters: Multi-era Doctor and Master, Amy
Wordcount: 1,500ish
Summary: A very serious multi-era fic about the Master's beards.
A/N: Originally written for aralias' Katyzine, now slightly edited and reposted.

Read it on the AO3!

Fic two is for a webcomic called Widdershins which I adore and you should definitely check out:

No Handholds in Water
Rating: gen
Characters: Jack O'Malley and Heinrich Wolfe
Wordcount: 1,000ish
Summary: Despite Mal's best arguments, walking around in the rain is not an adequate substitute for a good bath.
(Write the platonic bathing fic you want to see in the world, that's what I always say.)
A/N: Takes place in the gap between page 46 and 47 of Green-Eyed Monster.

This is also on the AO3!


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