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Hello! Tomorrow I am driving back to grad school land where I will be doing mostly things that I've already been doing here, except with more in-personness and less Skype. Woo.

I've posted a couple things to tumblr lately, but I figured I'd cross-post the links here, at least!

First, I made Kate Beaton themed fanart for The Great Mouse Detective/Tricky and Wicked, Of Course, which you can see here. That link also has a rec for Tricky and Wicked, a Basil/Ratigan fic that I LOVE, you should def check it out.

Second, I got a tattoo! I wanted this exact tattoo when I graduated college 2.5 years ago, but I was convinced not to do it and spent all that time longing and now it has happened. It's a geeky stats tattoo, and I am half tempted to turn that shoulder into a blackboard-proxy now. Although it'll probably take we another 2.5 years to psych myself up for another tattoo.

Third, I got to visit tweedymcgee last week! It was really great and we did fencing things. In case you ever wonder if I am a person of just some sort of internet data-being, you can now ask tweedymcgee for verification.

I think that's it! Wish me luck for two days of driving.

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1) Podfic.
susan_voight recorded a podfic of Team the Best Team (my Elementary OT3 fic)! It is here and it is excellent. I should have mentioned it foreeeeveer ago, but my memory is full of potholes. Definitely check this one out, I love susan_voight's delivery.

2) Remix.
It is remix time again! Someone remixed me! I'm so excited. Lost in the Fire is a remix of Continuing Care, which is a Who fic that I had completely forgotten existed. The remix is sort of a graceful and painful meditation on the Doctor's relationship/guilt complex/duality with the Master, and so I obviously I am super into it and I suspect a lot of my f-list will be too? Check it out, I'm already dying to know who wrote it.

3) Rec.
So I am going to a Red Sox game this week, and in preparation I watched Money Ball, because everyone keeps telling me to watch it. This is what happens when you hang out with statistics geeks. The movie was reasonably fun, but it left me with one of those yanking-in-my-chest character obsessions with Billy Beane. Idk, man, these things happen. I went off in search of fic, mostly without hope, but the internet came through for me. Oh, the internet came through. Front Offices is Theo Epstein/Billy Beane Baseball RPF. It's gorgeous, and heart-breaking, and I am going to read it at least fifteen more times this month. The writing is really excellent, the character arcs are believable and thoughtful, and man, this thing is funny. I promise you don't have to know anything about baseball to read it. Do you care about middle-aged dudes being assholes to each other and then making out and then having feelings and then making fun of each other? You will love this fic, I think.

I was chatting with a friend about baseball today, and impressed him with all of my sudden knowledge about the A's and the Red Sox's games in the early 2000s. Also knowing that the Dodgers used to play in Brooklyn, and being able to discuss Tim Lincecum's hair. I still have no idea how baseball is actually played.
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Finally put this together - warning: very long. So long that I didn't edit it much. So, all you get is title, a short descriptor (may or may not describe), a characters list, and a link. Characters in parentheses are mentioned, but don't actually appear in the main story. The list for Suzi is all of my favorites (about 13 pages on word), including Old Who, NuWho, and Torchwood. Lisa's list only has NuWho and Torchwood (about 7 pages). Despite my writing and babbling proclivities, not everything here is Doctor/Master. Especially once you get out of NuWho. Due to the variety of pairings and genres, there's a lot of different things you could get if you click on a link. I haven't typed up ratings or anything, because this already took forever. There's a lot of gen, and a lot of NC-17. Check the headers if you're worried.

Obviously I don't expect you to read everything - this is a lot. Feel free to pick and choose, but let me know what you liked? And remember, you guys asked for this. Read out of your comfort zone! It's all good.

The formatting's a little screwy, but fixing it would take forever, and it's usable. There's also no order beyond what order I read things in. Sorry!

Oh, and I also have lists like this, though not as extensive, for almost every fandom ever. Feel free to ask for more, if you ever run out of things to do.

Suzi's List

Lisa's List


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