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Here is a fic! I am sorry about the title! This fulfills the 'awkward sex' and 'arguing during sex' squares on my idfic bingo. It's also Derek/Stiles fic with basically no connection to canon, because this is apparently what the id wants. I'm dedicating it to everyone else who can't figure out the whole tongue brushing thing.

Sword Swallower
Teen Wolf
Rating: adult
(sex, swearing, warning for a lot of stuff about gagging/bile.)
Characters: Derek/Stiles
Wordcount: 2,500ish
Summary: "I was just thinking," said Stiles. "Oral sex is pretty great, right?" A post-canon fic about oversensitive gag reflexes and also over-extended metaphors.

fic under the cut )

beta search

15/10/12 12:02 am
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In other news, I have written fic! I have written 10,000 words of Teen Wolf porn. I'm not sure how it happened, because it really doesn't feel that long, but, hm. If anyone is up for betaing in this fandom, I'd really appreciate it - this is the Derek-in-heat fic I mentioned once or twice, and it's basically Derek/everyone with a bunch of other poly ships thrown in. I'm too worried about the overwhelming Sterek to want to venture over to one of the TW comms in order to find a beta, so I'm reaching out to my flist.
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What have I been doing in the last tennish days? Work. All of the work. I am just keeping up with grad school and the ren faire, which I think means I'll be in a really comfortable place after this weekend, since the faire is closing. Right now is a huge pain, though - I think I'm going to have to miss a fencing practice this week, and probably some sleep too. Did I say that I started going to the club fencing here? It's fun, very chill, but with some good people. I'm still rusty from my summer doing nothing, but I'm getting more into it. Last week I fenced this guy and lost 0-5 doing dumb stuff, but I recognized that and asked him if we could fence again at the end of practice, and I won 5-0 by... not doing dumb stuff. So that's good! I worry about falling into a rut, especially when I'm tired so often.

But I do have time to do some fannish stuff! I did Yuletide nominations, with arts and sciences RPF (Kahneman and Tversky), By the Sword (obviously), and The Non-Adventures of Wonderella (because my noms needed more badass women). All approved, because I only pick fandoms that are totally out there/nonexistent.

I've stalled out a little on watching the Wire, due to lack of time, but I'm planning on picking it back up after the weekend. In the meantime, I'm reading Fullmetal Alchemist about 2-8 years late. Which is, wow, bringing back memories. Like, I hadn't read FMA before, but it was pretty much my first reading fandom way back when. I was so into Archer/Kimblee and Greed/Kimblee. Hanging out on Y!Gallery at 17, feeling guilty about hitting the 'over 18' button and compulsively searching out the Kimblee artists. He just showed up in the manga (at chapter, what, 50? Out of about 100?), and I squeaked a little.

cut a little to preserve your flist. Basically, I have developed a theory of my own fannish attachments. )
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I know I've been kind of quiet, but I have been doing stuff! For one thing, I hand-wrote aralias a Gallifrey fic here, and I'm still taking prompts on that meme if anyone's interested.

And the new semester has been going well! The other people in my year in the PhD program are super nice, and everyone in general is very cool. There is a ridiculous amount of reading, but I am keeping up so far while working on the weekends, so I think I'll be fine (especially when my weekend job wraps up). I also made it to a fencing practice for the university club. Got over my normal 'agh new place, agh new people' anxiety and had a lot of fun teaching new people how to fence sabre. I'm still doing some settling in stuff (got lost on the bus system on the way back from fencing, and there's something weird going on with my bus pass that I need to sort out on Monday), but overall I think everything's good.

But the main reason I'm making a post today is because I am still thinking about that Teen Wolf renaissance faire AU, and I just can't write it. But I've identified why! The problem is exposition.

AUs and exposition and a fic I am not writing )

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Three day weekends are the bane of my existence. The extra Monday is never very good out at the ren faire, and then I'm totally useless on Tuesday. I managed to briefly get out of the house this afternoon, but I've since mostly just messed around and watched the US-Canada wheelchair basketball game (which was rad as hell, and then we won :D). By the way, who's excited for paralympics streaming? Me. I am the most excited. I missed wheelchair fencing today, and will def miss it tomorrow, because I have class, but I find all of the sports in the paralympics to be AWESOME to watch, so it is okay. I saw part of one of the seated volleyball matches too, and it was great.

Haven't watched the new Doctor Who episode, and I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about tracking it down. Maybe I'll watch it tomorrow, as an after-class thing, I'm just not awake enough today. I have been watching The Wire, though, as part of my campaign to avoid current television. And man, The Wire is good television - a police/crime show with a really tight grasp on Baltimore as both a setting and a kind of character. Just finished season one, and seriously considering starting season two tonight, even though I have a bunch of other stuff that needs done. I'll probably end up writing a ridiculous Teen Wolf crossover, even though The Wire deserves better - one of the actors was in both shows, and Doctor Who crossovers have taught me that this makes a crossover/fusion fair game.

I've gone from having an aversion to Teen Wolf fic to having a list of fics I'm not writing. Like, I'm not writing the AU where they work at a ren faire, because I ALWAYS want to write that AU for whatever fandom I'm into when I've been working for a while. It's too close to home (like, literally), and I am worried that people won't get it/will get it/idk, I am worried. Even though Derek as a life-long rennie who works at a leather place and Stiles as a playtron with his own armor and sword would be hilarious, nope, not writing this, not least because I can't even talk about it without slipping into rennie slang. It would be a mess.

The list of fics I am writing currently stands at: involved AU that isn't going anywhere and is mostly an excuse for extended Peter, Laura and Derek interactions; and comedy Derek-in-heat fic. I basically knew that I would be working on the AU as soon as I started listening to Sail on repeat and having feelings about Peter Hale (courtesy of this fanmix). The Derek-in-heat thing woke me up on Sunday night (when I had work in the morning) to scribble out half a page. Thanks, brain.

But! There is also a list of things I have written! I hung out on the spice up your life Teen Wolf rare pairs ficathon some, because I love doing prompts. I only ended up writing gen fic, though I do still have my eye on a couple pairing prompts. So:

Teen Wolf
Rating: gen
(major character injury)
Characters: Peter Hale, Derek Hale, Erica Reyes, Boyd, Isaac Lahey
Wordcount: 1300 words
Summary: Derek gets seriously injured, but his pack and the last of his family are there to take care of him.

And Look at Them
Teen Wolf
Rating: gen
(brief references to canon character illness and character death)
Characters: Derek Hale, Boyd, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes
Wordcount: 1200ish words
Summary: The Pack's feelings on Derek's apparent leather jacket requirement.

That's it at the moment. I'm going to make soup and try not to worry about my two classes tomorrow - I have to go be a real grad student, agh. Not sure how to do that when my head is still full of Teen Wolf, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Status Update

27/8/12 11:08 pm
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Not status, like facebook status, status like the status updates on spaceships or something. But also like facebook, I guess.

I made it to Minneapolis, like two weeks ago! I guess I forgot to say. My studio is pretty small, and I was freaked out for a while about living downtown in a new city by myself and not knowing anything, but I have calmed down and navigated myself around the city a bunch and now I like it here. Adaptability, man, really glad I got that from somewhere. Everyone in my building is super nice, and it's really easy to get around from my building - I'm on a couple main/frequent bus routes, and the university is about a twenty minute bike ride away (I made it in fifteen when I was running late once, but I'm not sure how). We're having a math camp right now, and it's going okay; turns out I knew more calculus than I thought (never taken it, but it turns out that there's calculus secreted in a lot of statistics calculations). I'm working weekends at the local renn faire, which means I am exhausted on Monday but also not broke, which is a good tradeoff since the graduate program won't start paying me until halfway through September.

Today my mom stopped by on (or out of) her way to Kansas and brought me my cat (the one who treacherously hid right before I left home, and didn't come back until I was in Ohio). I am super glad to have him, even if he is deeply uncertain about this place and keeps hiding in my closet, getting cat hair all over my workout clothes because he's chilling in the bottom cubby of my dresser-boxes-things. Now he's just kind of sitting next to the closet, though, so maybe eventually he will be fine enough with this place to hang out on my mattress with me. (I have a bed coming in the mail, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday. Furniture delivery is expensive, but some of the beds on have free shipping, so...)

Everyone in my graduate program is also great - mostly older than me, but several of them are also straight out of undergrad and they're all really fun. There are three of us with the exact same concentration/minor combination, out of a twelve-person cohort, so that's kind of cool. And I just found out who my first-year advisor is, so I've sent him an email to see if we can figure out what I'm supposed to be doing next week when classes start. At the orientation meeting about half of us hadn't heard from our advisors at all - at least I'm not alone in my confusion!

None of this is especially exciting for a status update. Something something exploding dwarf star, something something torpedoes fired in anger. I don't know. After complaining about the lack of alternative ships in Teen Wolf last week, I did find this rare pair ficathon, so I'm going to see if I can get any fills together tomorrow when I can actually think.
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I am caught up on Teen Wolf! And OH MY GOD.

I just. This show, man. Aaaagh. This isn't even about the finale, okay, it's just that I have been watching this show during every single bit of my free time and I love it, wow, I just can't.

Some vague spoilers under the cut, but this is mostly cut for incoherence than anything else. You know that tumblr post where people go from saying they'll never watch Teen Wolf to Cthulhu-like gibberish to chanting TEEN WOLF, PRAISE IT? That is me, I am that person. )


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