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Give It Up
BBC Sherlock
Rating: adult
(Unsafe and/or unenthusiastic sex decisions that are either explicitly or implicitly consensual. Also, violence, murder, swearing, explicit sex, and misuse of antihistamines. Please let me know if you need details before reading.)
Characters: Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty, Sebastian Moran/Other(s)
Wordcount: 6000ish
Summary: The only time Jim seems like he isn't quite in control of what he's saying is when he's got you laid out underneath him, hissing in your ear.

Jim reveals a fantasy; Sebastian doesn't let it go. They're going to explore this kink, even if it takes several attempts and a few people getting hurt along the way.

A/N: I'm still clearing old fics off my desktop! Started writing this one in spring 2015, during one of my periodic Moran/Moriarty relapses. Also I think I was trying to teach myself how to write in the second person? This feels like archaeology, except for the part where I still had to write the ending.

Read it on the AO3!

Fanworks List

24/6/14 04:43 pm
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Update, June 2013: Dudes, I am super lazy about updating this, and AO3 is way more navigable than this mess of a list. If you want to find fic on my journal, the tagging system should have your back (or leave a comment and I will help you find the fic!).

Since fanfiction and fanart are basically the only things I post, here's a list. I realize you could just go through my tags, but I hate doing that on other people's journals, so why should I make anyone else?

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So, a while ago I fell into Seb Moran fic, and I still don't think I can get up. I don't even like Sherlock.

Pavlov's Dog
Sherlock (BBC series)
Rating: adult
(explicit violence and character injury, character death, sex, swearing.)
Characters: Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty, Mary Morstan, John Watson, Irene Adler.
Wordcount: 12,000ish.
Summary: Seb, taking orders.
A/N: Thanks very very much to amazingly thorough agent_bandit and the most excellent [personal profile] evilawyer . You guys made this so much better - any problems remaining are definitely my fault.

fic under the cut )
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So, I have about 11,000 words of Sherlock fic and no idea what to do with it. I wrote it in about eight days, and I'm still not in the fandom at all, haha. Does anyone around here have the time and energy to help me out? Otherwise I will go looking on one of the Sherlock fic comms, but I do not know them over there, and new fandom spaces make me nervous.

The fic is Moriarty/Moran, and contains some sex but mostly blood and murder. Lots of blood and murder, also a long psychology metaphor, idk, I've been in a weird mood. I'm happy to trade betas or favors in some other way!

(Also I need to get this thing out of my head so that I can finish writing my Gallifrey fic, which is what I was SUPPOSED to be doing [but obviously wasn't].)


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