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20/5/14 11:46 pm
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Reveals are up! So now I know that the extremely excellent Lost in the Fire was written by honeynoir, and I can post the header etc for my remix:

Constellations (The Thirteenth Take Remix)
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: pg
(kissing, swearing. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Cecil/Carlos.
Wordcount: 2,900ish
Summary: The night sky is dark, an empty void except for the pinpricks of dancing starlight. “Are stars supposed to dance?” asks Carlos. “I thought that was a, uh, metaphor.”
A/N: A remix of sabinelagrande's You're My Moon. Betaed by the excellent einzwitterion! The fic is a mixed audio/written work, but can be read without audio or listened to as a complete podfic.

Read it on the AO3.

I haven't gotten a chance to dig through the rest of remix because LIFE, but I'm looking forward to it. If you want to rec remixes or pimp your own remix, this would be a good place to do it at me? I really would appreciate pointers at what to look at, as I'm currently in a pit of baseball RPF (don't look at me like that, I know), and it may take me a while to look at the remix entries on my own.
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They're really weird, and I finally got together a compilation and put it on tumblr here. Maybe that interests you? I am just hoping that other people will be as confused and slightly unsettled as I am.
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But first - my giftfic! Joanne_c wrote One Night In A Castle for me and I ADORE it and maybe you will love it too. It is Lion in Winter rpf. If you have not seen A Lion in Winter you should definitely see it. If you are not aware of the ridiculousness of the actors involved in the movie (including the late greats Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn) you should check that out also.

Here is what I wrote:

Team The Best Team (5715 words), for defcontwo
Elementary (TV), Teen. Marcus Bell/Ms. Hudson/Alfredo Llamosa, Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Marcus gets along really well with Holmes' friends.

My assigned fic! I wrote it in like... four days, and lyryk was super awesome and beta'd it for me. It was a lot of fun to focus on the side-characters, and it was interesting to write reasonable, practical characters who can actually just decide to go on a date instead of having to angst about it forever, haha. Also I am glad I finally got a full-sized Elementary fic off the ground, I have three in my WIPs. (Aaaand this fills my M/F/M threesome square in my idfic bingo, because I can make yuletide work for me.)

And then I wrote my 10 treat-fics on the 23rd and 24th:

cut for scrolling purposes )

And that's the lot! Going to start replying to comments tomorrow, it might take a while. Hopefully I'll get some recs in soon-ish - I'm maybe half-way through the archive right now, so it'll probably be mid-January before I'm ready for recs.

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Back to weird silly kinky Night Vale fic! This fills the food and service top (formerly caregiving dom - I found a better/more common name) squares in my idfic bingo.

Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: adult
(swearing, explicit sex, canon-typical weirdness. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Carlos/Cecil
Wordcount: 8,100ish
Summary: Carlos is really terrible at taking care of himself. Fortunately, Cecil is happy to do it for him.
A/N: Thanks so much to the inestimably rad narwhale_callin for the beta!

fic under the cut )
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Reaction fic to episode 32 - Yellow Helicopters! There are definitely spoilers. This does not fill any squares in my idfic bingo, alas.

And the Cables Break
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: gen
(canon-typical weirdness. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Kevin and Cecil
Wordcount: 1,900ish
Summary: This isn't a retraining session.

fic under the cut )

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Just remembered that I hadn't made a post about this! I helped make a weird remix-y podfic, it was fun. The link to the podfic also has a link to an mp3 of me swearing for 10 seconds, which you are welcome to listen to and/or turn into your ringtone.

[Podfic] The FCC Won't Let Me Be (Radio Edit Version) by neveralarch and einzwitterion
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: Teen
Characters: Carlos/Cecil
Length: <10 minutes
Summary: It seems ridiculous that someone like Cecil would swear at all, let alone as much as he does.
A podfic of sabinelagrande's The FCC Won't Let Me Be, conveniently sanitized for radio audience.
A/N: Won't make much sense unless you've read the original fic, which is here. Definitely check it out, though, as it is short and the podfic is short and I think they are a good combo.
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I wrote this during my first week without computer, scribbling it on loose notebook paper and trying to pretend that I knew what I was doing with the style. I think it turned out okay! Even though it was surprisingly hard to code! This fic fills the hair kink square on my idfic bingo. Sort of.

Run Like Sand
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: teen
(character injury and reeducation, hair kink, canon-typical weirdness. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Carlos/Cecil, Night Vale ensemble
Wordcount: 4,000ish
Summary: "Today the City Council announced that all citizens will be taxed progressively, based on the number of times they utter the word 'cheesecake.' In related news, the Chamber of Commerce has announced that five new Cheesecake Factories are being opened in Night Vale. Attendance at the grand openings is mandatory. You will be expected to make a speech."
A/N: beta thanks to[personal profile] narwhale_callin , my awesome Night Vale buddy.

fic under the cut )
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Here we go! I wrote this fic in a rush and then had to drive cross-country and didn't have my laptop and it's like two weeks later and now I can post. Finally. This fic fills the bloodplay and extremely explicit consent squares on my idfic bingo.

There's a Light Inside My Head
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: adult
(explicit sex, bloodplay, canon-typical weirdness. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Carlos/Cecil
Wordcount: 3,600ish
Summary: Cecil beams at the back of Carlos' head, trying to prove that everything is fine, that he wants this, that he loves being naked and fastened to this repurposed dentist's chair, and that he's thrilled about the tray of scalpels set at arm's reach. All of these things are true! This is going to be so much fun.
A/N: beta thanks to [personal profile] narwhale_callin , who is totally rad and keeps squeeing about WtNV with me. Soon, our headcanons will conquer the world.

fic under the cut! )
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So I was going to start a two-day drive today, but instead I waited around for my air conditioner to get fixed. Leaving tomorrow instead! And I wrote this thing while I was waiting, in like three hours. I'm about to lose internet/computer access for possibly a while, so I figured I'd just post it now. This fic fills the height difference and cybernetics squares on my idfic bingo.

I Was Dreaming Restless
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: pg
(swearing, canon-typical weirdness. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Carlos/Cecil
Wordcount: 2,500ish
Summary: It's late or maybe early and Carlos is exhausted and his mind is wandering. Because he can't sleep, because Cecil is terrible at sharing a bed.

fic under the cut )
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An anon over on tumblr has been encouraging my hate-shipping tendencies, which honestly isn't very difficult to do. This fic fulfills the fistfights and anger management squares on my idfic bingo. (Actual anger management does not take place - it's more like just anger. But it is my id, ok.)

Ain't Filled with Gentle Things
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: teen
(fighting/minor violence, makeouts, canon-typical weirdness. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Carlos/Cecil, Cecil/Steve Carlsberg
Wordcount: 5,900ish
Summary: A typical PTA meeting in Night Vale. You know, glow cloud possession, picking senior prom decorations, fistfights over grammar, the usual. (Set post ep 27; no spoilers for ep 28.)

fic under the cut )

update update

23/7/13 09:26 pm
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I was gone for a weekend again! This time the power went out and we had to do a faire day on a generator (awful) and then Saturday night I somehow managed to ruin my shoulder/neck muscles and then had to work with it for my normal 12 hour day on Sunday (awfulest)! My neck etc is still very tight so I can't type much - it's loosening up and I have high hopes for tomorrow, but I'll have to keep this short.

Two main things I would like to talk about besides my stressful weekend:

I am in another zine! 'Welcome to 616' is a Marvel fanzine put together by grey_bard, and they asked me if they could put Afternoon Stroll in there. It's a cool zine with some good art and fic, and you can find a pdf of it at this post. (A friend of mine is also talking about doing a podfic of Afternoon Stroll, which will mean that you can find it as fic, as a comic, in print, and as audio. This is either awesome or ridiculous or both.)

Welcome to Night Vale! Just - just Welcome to Night Vale. I'm in awe of how quickly it's taking over the internet and even my meatspace friends. If I haven't talked to you about it, are you listening to WtNV? If not, can I persuade you to do so? My brother has, and now we just talk about it all the time. He occasionally changed his hawking line this weekend from 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for apple dumplings with ice cream!' to 'I scream, you scream, we all scream at the meaninglessness of existence!' It was beautiful. This could be you. (Except without having to sell apple dumplings for 9 hours.)

So, yeah. Zine for download, talk to me about WtNV (or let me talk to you). I think that covers it.
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I've done it! I've written collar kink. I am so proud of myself. It was supposed to be a quick sex comedy, but it turned into this sprawling thing instead. I'm happy with it anyway. This fulfills a bunch of squares on my idfic bingo: collars, trainee/inexperienced dom, and extremely explicit consent. Posting it and then going offline for the weekend, so hopefully it is not full of problems.

'The Effects of Cervical Restraint on the Appearance of my Boyfriend.' Working Paper.
Welcome to Night Vale
Rating: teen
(collar kink, light pet play, makeouts, canon-typical weirdness and minor body horror. Let me know if you need details.)
Characters: Carlos/Cecil
Wordcount: 7,000ish
Summary: Carlos and Cecil experiment with collars.

fic under the cut )
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It took me three days to write this post! I have been... doing things, I guess. Prep and the first weekend of my summer ren faire. Research-type stuff. Submitting IRB proposals. But I have also been thinking about podcasts!

I listen to podcasts (and their older/less internetty cousin, radio plays) while driving and while working and while getting ready in the morning. I need something to concentrate on so I can multitask, honestly - otherwise I get lost in my own thoughts or start wasting time because I'm bored. That's how I devoured the first 100 or so DW audios and got super into Gallifrey. And as I'm getting consumed by the latest tumblr discovery (ie Welcome to Nightvale), I thought I'd type up a quick surprisingly long post of my Thoughts on the podcasts etc that I've been into over the last two years or so.

I made this whole post just so I could talk about Welcome to Night Vale. )


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