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Okay, I'm finally back in America with internet, after a day of being in airplanes and airports (without internet) and then a day of being in fake England (also without internet). Now I just need to get used to the time change and all of the stuff I have to do. I'm still in mourning/denial about leaving Germany.

Some housekeeping type stuff: I updated the list of links on my sidebar. Now you can get to my Ao3 account, besides my teaspoon. I crosspost everything to the Ao3 now, usually after a few days. I like being able to easily search for other people's fic, so, you know. Return the favor. Also, there's my tumblr. That's mostly not fandom related, being a place for lots and lots of fencing photos. But I do follow some fandom tumblrs with it, and half the people who have followed my tumblr are Doctor Who fans. Where are all these Doctor Who/Fencing fans at my school? Wherrre. (To be fair, I did meet one in Germany. We bonded, it was awesome.)

Also, I'm crossposting from dreamwidth now. I've had an account for a while now, mostly for commenting purposes. But then the attacks on LJ happened, and I realized how dependent my fandom interaction is on that one site. So this is basically a back-up line of communication - you can add me to your reading list over on dreamwidth and get all the same content, but I'm probably still going to be hanging out mostly on LJ. I can't get the reading list layout over here to configure quite the way I want.

OKAY that's it. I know, it's a bit boring. Hopefully there's a repost fic coming soon, if I can get anything done tomorrow.
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I'm flying to Florence tomorrow, so I might be out of contact for a few days. Hopefully I'll be having fun with a place to stay, although the people who have offered me a spot in their backyard are being a bit off-and-on with the giving me information thing. Anyway, after that I'm flying to the US next Saturday. I'm just going to apologize now for long delays in responding to anything.

But before I go! [ profile] sophia_sol  was doing this meme where you answer five questions, and then you give other people five questions. These are my answers - if anyone wants some questions for themselves, just ask (although, as noted above, you might have to wait a while for the questions).

This is cut for babble and a tiny bit of swearing. Possibly an abuse trigger? Only discussed in a fictional and vague context. )
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I'm flying out of Germany in about a week. I'm stressed out with finals at the moment, but I'll be more or less done on Friday. I get to spend a few days in Italy with some friends, and the I really have to leave, all the way back to America.

In no way do I want to this. I really desperately want to stay in Germany - it's not the difficulty of having to move, because I'm used to picking up stakes every couple of months or so. I think it's just the finality of it. I don't know when I'll be in Germany or even Europe again, but it probably won't be soon. It definitely won't be for as long.

I have made a list of things I will miss about Germany and things I will not miss, hoping that I would be reminded that I actually do love living in America and speaking English and things. It's not really helping, but what the heck. I figured I'd post it here so that in a year I can come back and be all nostalgic and whatever. Or just embarrassed! The second is more likely, anyway.

Cut for being a list, some swearing, and some purposeful negativity )

But I guess generally, I just love Germany and I love being able to use this language that I've been learning for years for no good reason. Okay. Now I have to go get ready to watch sci-fi movies at someone's house in preparation for the Space History final. Got to make the most of this while I'm here.
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I haven't posted in a while or anything, huh. I mean, compared to my recent amount of activity. I guess this is just a PSA to say that the nonposting is probably going to continue. I'm having finals at the moment, which always saps my ability to create, or make reposts, or, like, talk to people. I won't be cutting myself off the internet - I've done it once or twice, and ended up even more stressed. But I'll be doing more lurking for the rest of the month, and probably the month after that too.

I made a graph to demonstrate the relationship between fannishness and amount of work. I swear I'm studying for my next exam after this.

I am cutting it because I'm used to saving you from images. What if you have dial-up?! )

So, yeah. I do have a nearly finished fic that I'm supposed to be editing, so you'll be hearing from me someday. And I have fannish commitments that are definitely going somewhere. But in general, you know. Had a presentation today, have another one and an exam next week, and two exams the week after that. And a paper that has to get written somewhere in here. And then it's back to the US and studying for the GRE and doing research for my Senior Project.

And I have to leave Germany at the end of the month, aaaah. Luckily one of my fencing friends has decided that we're going drinking the night before my plane home, so maybe I will actually manage to get drunk for once in my life and have an excuse for the massive amounts of self-pity that will be forthcoming. The worst part of having an exchange semester is having to go back at the end.
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Let it not be a surprise that I never get around to posting as often as I think I will.

A post about Germany, cut for length and pictures. )
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Made it to Germany last Sunday, everything fine so far. Have figured out the buses (sort of), bought groceries, found someplace to fence, and finally have internet of my very own! You know, the essentials. I even navigated two different sets of regional buses today in order to go down to the Allstar headquarters and buy sabre blades, so I'm feeling pretty good about everything right now.

More substantial post (possibly with pictures) later today or tomorrow. I have to catch up on my flist and so on. And listen to Gallifrey, obviously.
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So, flying to Germany tomorrow. Pretty much finished packing and everything, though I'm still in the process of backing up all of my computer files (mostly because the giant collection of all things Who takes a while to transfer around).

Number of trips outside the US before: 3. To Toronto, which is basically the same as upstate New York, as far as I could tell. I guess Europe will be pretty different. No Tim Hortons, for one thing.

I think I'm ready to fly over, but I keep getting this sort of daydream/panicky thing where I arrive at the airport in Germany and there's no one there. Not just no one to pick me up, but no one at all. Everyone on the planet disappeared while I was in the air. I am relatively sure that this is not going to happen, but I've already figured out solutions for the real anxieties. Apparently my brain decided to go for surreal anxieties instead.

Um. ANYWAY, this is basically to say that I'll be out of touch for a while after tomorrow morning - I dunno how long it'll take before I get internet for longer than it'll take to check my email. But I'll probably show up on Monday and go "haha, ignore that silly post, let me complain about how everybody speaks German over here, also I have no idea what I'm doing." I'm looking forward to the new and different insecurities!
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So, I've been watching this old German science fiction show called Raumpatrouille Orion. It's basically original Star Trek except with slightly better special effects and more emphasis (so far, anyway) on earth-defense than on space exploration. The dialogue's campy, the acting's okay, and the plots are a little haphazard (probably made more so by my iffy comprehension). But. But the vision of the future is amazing.

In the first episode, the team is at a bar, or something. And what follows is, well. Indescribable. So I'm not going to try. (No German required for the video, fyi.)

Yeah. I've watched this scene about five times now, and I still don't know what the guys in the foreground are saying because I keep getting distracted. Fish! Elbow waggling! What.


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