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What have I been doing in the last tennish days? Work. All of the work. I am just keeping up with grad school and the ren faire, which I think means I'll be in a really comfortable place after this weekend, since the faire is closing. Right now is a huge pain, though - I think I'm going to have to miss a fencing practice this week, and probably some sleep too. Did I say that I started going to the club fencing here? It's fun, very chill, but with some good people. I'm still rusty from my summer doing nothing, but I'm getting more into it. Last week I fenced this guy and lost 0-5 doing dumb stuff, but I recognized that and asked him if we could fence again at the end of practice, and I won 5-0 by... not doing dumb stuff. So that's good! I worry about falling into a rut, especially when I'm tired so often.

But I do have time to do some fannish stuff! I did Yuletide nominations, with arts and sciences RPF (Kahneman and Tversky), By the Sword (obviously), and The Non-Adventures of Wonderella (because my noms needed more badass women). All approved, because I only pick fandoms that are totally out there/nonexistent.

I've stalled out a little on watching the Wire, due to lack of time, but I'm planning on picking it back up after the weekend. In the meantime, I'm reading Fullmetal Alchemist about 2-8 years late. Which is, wow, bringing back memories. Like, I hadn't read FMA before, but it was pretty much my first reading fandom way back when. I was so into Archer/Kimblee and Greed/Kimblee. Hanging out on Y!Gallery at 17, feeling guilty about hitting the 'over 18' button and compulsively searching out the Kimblee artists. He just showed up in the manga (at chapter, what, 50? Out of about 100?), and I squeaked a little.

cut a little to preserve your flist. Basically, I have developed a theory of my own fannish attachments. )


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