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Yooo, I have had a stressful/dead-line filled past few days, full of little sleep and a surprise mouse corpse in the sink. So I am doing this WIP meme! I am going to post favorite lines or SOMETHING from the... seven WIPs certainly sitting on my desktop waiting for me to survive the last week of term. It would be nine, but I can't mess with the Yuletide-related ones.

If you want to know more about any of the WIPs, just ask and I will happily babble. And feel free to take this chance and post your own WIP stuff, because I'm always interested to know what people are working on.


WIP title: Bounce. MCU, Sam/Steve, Bucky/Natasha/Clint

When Sam was five years old, he had Captain America comic books. He wasn't all that into them, but he definitely read them. They were inspiring. Cap in the comics talked a lot about helping people, and standing up to bullies, and defeating communism. Sam mostly ignored the communism part.

When Sam was eighteen years old, he joined the air force because he was optimistic, broke, and he wanted to help people. It worked out okay. Mostly. Sam saved a lot of lives, and he only gets nightmares one night out of every four.

When Sam was thirty years old, he told Captain America he could help him. And now it's over, and Sam's supposed to go back to his old normal life. Help people at the VA instead of jetting around and kicking supervillain ass.

The thing about saving the day with Captain fucking America is that it makes it pretty hard to go back to the daily grind.

Sam doesn't quit his day job. But he does start looking for night work.

This is the fic I started writing after CA:TWS where Sam and Bucky bond, Sam bounces around a lot of different superhero teams, and Sam and Steve make out in the back of a car after an ultimate frisbee game. It's mostly done! 17,000 words. But there are a LOT of scenes missing, mostly at the end. Maybe I can buckle down on it over break? I hate to lose that much work, and some of it's pretty funny.


Electric. Matthew Swift series, Matthew/Penny.

"Before you ask," says Penny, "I'm taking a break from my diet today. This is like Christmas or Easter or whatever - it's my fucking right to stuff my face."

"I wasn't going to ask," mumbles Matthew, through a mouth full of egg roll.

"I'm just saying." Penny takes a gulp of champagne, which goes right to her head. She hasn't got much experience with champagne, but she can tell that it's making her tipsy fast and pushing her toward giggly drunk. That's fine. She trusts Matthew to see her giggly and still respect her in the morning, especially since Matthew is flushed warm and red from his champagne, forking Chinese takeaway into his mouth.

It's actually really awesome, watching Matthew eat. His eyes always blaze a little brighter, and he gets this big silly smile on his face, and he even makes these little noises, like someone's pegging him while he fucking eats.

Penny files that away for later.

Penny completes her apprenticeship, and as per tradition, gets Chinese takeout for Matthew. And then they have sex. It's a very deep fic. This is pretty much just missing the sex, and it's sat like that for a YEAR AND A HALF. Damn.

Also there's a lot of swearing in these WIPs, but to be fair that is one of Penny's main character traits.


Perfect. Baseball RPF (Royals), Finnegan/Perez/Escobar

Finnegan is trembling, hands balled up tight and the tendons in his wrists pulsing like they're trying to escape. Perez puts his hand on the back of his neck, casual comfort, and Finnegan doesn't relax but he doesn't punch a wall either.

Finnegan mutters something quiet and fast and Perez can't understand what he's saying through his accent. He wants to ask Finnegan to speak up, to enunciate, but he's worried that will start Finnegan on shouting. Instead Perez looks around and catches Escobar's eye where he's hovering near the locker room door, beckons him over.

"Tell Alcides," says Perez. Finnegan mumbles at Escobar, eyes fixed on the floor. Escobar raises his eyebrows.

"He says," Escobar translates, "that he wants to do, uh, the thing. Tonight. He knows you wouldn't normally but he needs it."

Hahaha, I have reached the weird threesome stage of my baseball fandom. Um. This is poorly characterized right now and there is hardly any of it, but I really want it to be a done fic so that I can read it in a few months and be pleased that it exists. I don't think anyone else is going to write me the Salvador Perez d/s pwp that I crave.


Wounded hero. Sharon Li series, Rhys/Sharon/Miles.

Rhys strolled around London, holding hands with Ms- with Sharon. Usually holding hands, except for when Sharon was trying to examine a particularly interesting wall, or had drifted over to a lamppost. Sometimes holding hands. Holding hands more, certainly, than they had before dating. Rhys smiled blissfully at passersby, who tried not to stare at the blue-haired woman who was muttering at some graffiti, and the sniffling, grinning man who looked like he was high.

Meanwhile Miles is stumbling around on his busted leg, and eventually he runs into Rhys and Sharon and they make out I guess??? There is not much of this, and the plot is basically 'I wish the last book had ended with a threesome.'


Learning with Hawkeye. Marvel Comics, Clint and friends.

"Are those my chips?"

"It's your apartment." Kate shook the bag at him. "Do you think I brought my own?"

Clint reached into the bag and took out the very last two vinegar kettle chips. He stared at them, mournfully. "I was saving these," he said. "I can't believe you ate my chips."

"You can buy more." Kate crumpled up the bag and threw it into the trashcan.

Clint stared at her.

"What?" Kate stared back. "
I can buy more, if it's that big of a deal. There are more bags of chips in the world, is what I'm saying. You could buy boxes and boxes of chips."

"I can buy more chips." Clint stared at the chips in his hand, and ate them. "Wow."

"That's what I just said?" Kate waved her hands in front of Clint's face. "Are you okay? How many fingers?"

Clint learns life lessons from various friends, including 'you can tell people not to touch you' and 'you can buy more chips, you have money' and 'therapy can be helpful sometimes maybe.' I've written three of five scenes and who knows when the other two will get done.


Fencing. Doctor Who mundane AU, Eight/Master.

Jay tried writing up an account of the day. He was getting paid for this, after all.

"There are three swords weapons, made distinct by the style of the sword and of the fencer's movement (better word?). The sport can be intense, and participants wear oodles (too silly) of protective clothing (that I can't remember the names of). I was shown around by the devilishly handsome Alex Villard, a former Olympian who now owns his own fencing club."

Dull, decided Jay. He saved the text and closed the editor, tapping thoughtfully on his control key until he had to close the accessible use window. He'd really like to convey how intense and compelling Alex was, but he wasn't sure if that would come off as amusingly infatuated or just creepy. He'd walked that line often enough while he was reporting on racing.

Jay settled for looking up videos of Alex fencing instead, on the grounds that it was probably research and not stalking.

Ahahah, when did I start writing this fic? 2011. I last edited it in 2012. It's going noooowhere, and I still can't let it go. It's a Who mash-up with By the Sword, from before I had SEEN BtS. The Master owns a fencing club and Eight is doing a story on it. They hit it off, but competitions, Eight's annoying co-worker (Simm!Master), and the Master's ex-boyfriend/current rival (Five) keep getting in the way. It's very romance novel-y, and I've actually been thinking of re-writing it as an original fencing slash novel?? But I feel like it will probably never be done and that is one of my biggest regrets for my fic :/


Bnrklr. Brooklyn Nine Nine, Jake/Captain Holt (sort of)

So the first time Jake realizes that he might have a problem is when Captain Holt is chewing him out again - over nothing, really! He may have busted open a few extra walls in that bank before finding the one the money was hidden behind, but what were a few walls in the grand scheme of things? In a few hundred years, no one would even remember that there had been a building there, let alone one with walls.

Anyway, Holt is very upset, which you can tell because he's leaning in and talking very evenly and also speaking to Jake. And Jake is nodding along and smiling and, whoops, there's an erection.

Jake is really glad that he's sitting at his desk. His smile freezes.

"Is there a problem, Detective Peralta?" asks Holt.

"No sir." Jake pushes his chair a little further under his desk and leans back, trying to look nonchalant. "What were you saying?"

Holt glares at him. Jake fights and impulse to cover his lap with his hands. It's under the desk, it's not like Holt can

"I want a written report on my desk in thirty minutes," says Holt, and turns away. Jake keeps smiling until he's sure that Holt is gone. Then he spends thirty minutes writing a report and trying to ignore his slowly softening dick. Fun times!

It's not like it's that big of a deal. Jake gets inappropriate erections from lots of things. It might not even have been because of Captain Holt. It could have been one of the women walking by. One of the men walking by. Charles. The desk. It's a very attractive desk.

Jake realizes that it's actually kind of a big deal when the dreams start.

Guilty pleasure ship! Jake realizes he's attracted to Captain Holt, asks for everyone's advice on how to deal with it, gets TERRIBLE advice. I started writing this during season 1, so there's a lot that needs to be rewritten now that characterizations have changed etc. I'd like to go somewhere with it, but I think I'm going to wait until season 2 is over just so I know what's what.


And that's it! Except for the Great Mouse Detective fic I really need to edit and haven't had time to deal with yet, haha.

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eight/roberts fencing fic!!! i am just so attached to roberts!master, even though he is only in on terrible movie. so to see you writing about him like he's a thing, a real thing, and an devishly attractive man makes me happy. i also love a human AU - so, i wasn't expecting to find a chunk of the eight/roberts!master fic in this post - but i thoroughly support it one day being finished in some form, if you have the time and inclination.


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