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Hi! Hello! It is that time of the year again! I hope you're as excited for Yuletide as I am.

In general terms, I really like humor and happiness, but I like serious stuff too. I'm not a huge fan of hurt-comfort or angst, but if it's well done I will totally read and enjoy it. I will also love your het, your gen, your femslash, or your slash (although I do have some notes about pairings in my requests).

Some specific things I hope you'll avoid: I generally can't read things with horror (esp body horror), acute embarrassment, hyperfocus on character death, incest, underage character/of age character, and rape/non-con. If it's something incidental, I can probably deal, but a fic focusing on any of these things would be really difficult for me to read. Also, zombies. I cannot do zombies at all - I've had to stop reading/watching many things because there were zombies. (It's mostly the cannibalism that gets me.) Sorry about this! I know that this year, unlike past years, I'm requesting some fandoms where some of these things come up in canon. In those fandoms, I've made a couple notes that will hopefully help you out. In general, if you're at all concerned that your passing mention of a zombie etc is going to freak me out, the answer is probably not. But maybe don't make lingering descriptions of a zombie the main focus, haha.

Specific requests reproduced for your convenience:

Johannes Cabal
Johannes Cabal, Horst Cabal
(If this isn't your fandom but you might want to write it - it's a five book series, but you'd really only need to read the first book for this request.)

I'm a huge sucker for amoral villains who are also really bad at things. Especially amoral villains who are really bad at things while not recognizing that they are bad at things. Also, I really like loving but combative sibling relationships. The first book had everything I wanted except I needed even more scenes of Horst stealthily sabotaging Johannes while Johannes was completely oblivious. So I'm hoping you could give me more? Seriously, anything involving Horst and Johannes being completely annoying to each other would be perfect.

A couple caveats: I really like the necromancy aspect, but I am unable to deal with cannibalistic zombies or serious body horror. More specifically, I was fine with the zombies in the first book, but I had to distract myself from some parts of the second book. Hopefully that gives you a good baseline? I'm also looking for gen here - I totally get where the Cabalcest side of the fandom is coming from, but it is not for me. Also also, I've only read the first two books so far, but I'll definitely be caught up by Yuletide! I am on board for a fic set anytime in the canon.

Imperial Radch
Breq, Justice of Toren, Seivaarden
(If this isn't your fandom but you might want to write it - it's a trilogy of books, but they're all amazing. This is an all book Yuletide for me, sorry!)

Hello, I am one of the many people who looked at Seivaarden's unhealthy attachment to Breq and thought 'PLEASE OMG.' And then the whole 'I'm Ship' thing happened and I tried to absorb the book into my body so it would be with me always. So, uh. I would love love love it if you wanted to write me the casual domestic d/s of your heart, with bewildered dom Breq, determined sub Seivaarden, and additional actually-competent dom Ship. Alternatively, anything focusing on Seivaarden's platonic or romantic relationship with Breq would make me happy! Or something about how Seivaarden mediating between Breq and Ship works out. Or a story about Breq fighting crime with these two as her sidekicks?? I am down for pretty much anything with these three interacting in some combination.

Nero Wolf - Rex Stout
Saul Panzer
(If this isn't your fandom but you might want to write it - you could read just one book and be good to go! There's no order to them, although you should google which books have appearances by Saul.)

I love Saul and I want more fic about him! That's pretty much it. I love his quiet competence and his cleverness and his independence. I would love fic about Saul solving cases on his own, or about Saul doing Archie's job when Archie's on vacation, or about Saul hanging out and playing cards. I would definitely love if there was more Archie/Saul in the world, but I am also super down for gen. I'm sorry this is so vague. It really represents my general desire for Saul Panzer fic, haha.

Thanks again, author! Optional details are definitely optional, so don't worry about it if you don't hit every detail or are inspired in a different way entirely. I'm sure it'll be great :)
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