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Hello hello! For those wondering, I did survive Yuletide and I DID write 11 fics. Which is... all of the fic I managed to post in 2016. So look forward to seeing an in-depth analysis of these fics in a couple days when I get my act together and do the year in review.

First, though, let's talk about the AMAZING fic I received:

Lapidary (3367 words) by Parhelion
Fandom: Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Archie Goodwin/Saul Panzer
Summary: Saul brings his hobby to work; Archie decides he wants both cake and pie.

Nero Wolfe novels sort of define my early-to-mid-teens, and I think I first decided that Yuletide was an amazing thing because there were three (three!!) Archie/Saul fics buried in their old archive website. It’s the wisecracking sappy professionals ship of my heart. And this fic Gets It and also has an amazing vision of the Nero Wolfe universe from Saul’s pov:

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Wolfe, he was the one Manhattan P.I. back in the thirties able to handle cases where the brother-in-law maybe did it with a silver spoon in the conservatory, but you had to have brain-power, out-talk a white-shoe lawyer, and win access to a Tiffany bracelet to prove it. I found such affairs to be nice little vacations. Mr. Wolfe, like most national monuments, was always something to see. Archie Goodwin, who was Mr. Wolfe’s associate in charge of bracelet-accessing, was a friend of mine.

Parhelion has written several Archie/Saul fics and they’re all great - I feel so lucky to have received this new one. Check it out!

(And also read the Nero Wolfe novels - I’ve already gotten a few friends hooked, you could be next.)

On to what I wrote:

Catch You When You Drop (6211 words) for perdiccas
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Beverley Brook, Oxley (Rivers of London)
Draft message to Peter Grant
look maybe i dont want to find myself in the country maybe i wanted to stay comfortable and happy in london maybe i wanted to keep fighting with the thames boys maybe it was kind of fun

Beverley right after the end of the first book, trying hard to adjust to being out of London and also get hot water in her caravan. As usual I just wish I had more time to rewrite this properly, but I am proud that I managed to conceive a reasonable amount of fic and write it in a reasonable amount of time, rather than Last Year. I even managed to get everything posted well before the deadline, although as usual I was surprised by how much trouble the AO3 servers have with Yuletide and ended up stressing out as I tried to get things posted through the 500 errors.

Victorian Office Furniture and Velvet Lace (503 words) for Quasar
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Varvara Sidorovna Tamonina, Thomas Nightingale
Varvara Sidorovna won't watch rugby and Molly's banned the Great British Bake Off, so Nightingale has to find a compromise.

And here is my other Rivers fic, completing my trilogy of 'RoL characters watch TV in the coach house' fics. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by this idea.

The Perfect Crime (276 words) for underwooding
Fandom: Riveyonce Cuoknowles (Blog)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Aubrey Drake Graham/Sufjan Stevens
Aubrey and Sufjan roleplaying again, because sometimes you need fluff.

I definitely did not do this fandom justice, but the Riveyonce Cuoknowles blog is one of the best things to happen to me in 2016, even as it has shifted from inexplicably shipping Beyonce with the guy from Weezer to slightly more explicably shipping Drake with Sufjan Stevens.

In Good Days and Bad (2443 words) for Llwyden
Fandom: Johannes Cabal - Jonathan L. Howard
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Horst Cabal, Johannes Cabal, Zarenyia
Johannes Cabal and Zarenyia get married. For immigration purposes.

Johannes Cabal happened to both my brother and I this year. I love these, I find their short-comings incredibly frustrating, and when I read the short story A Long Spoon I immediately wanted Johannes and Zarenyia to get married and live sinisterly ever after. So. Definitely recommend reading that, it's free and you don't need prior knowledge of the series (and it's also a handy short version of everything delightful and frustrating about the series, so you can decide whether it's worth checking out the books).

Every Year Again (1842 words) for autumndynasty
Fandom: Johannes Cabal - Jonathan L. Howard
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Horst Cabal, Johannes Cabal
The Cabal Brothers Do Christmas, much to Johannes' disgust.

Also there is this. I really do love these books.

The Goat Shed (1041 words) for wnnbdarklord
Fandom: Thor (Movies), Discworld - Terry Pratchett
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax, Gytha "Nanny" Ogg
Loki woke with his head aching and his back uncomfortably cushioned by shards of splintered wood. If that wasn't enough, there was something trying to eat his hair.

Haha wnnbdarklord specifically requested Loki and Granny in a crossover and I was like 'what an amazing terrible idea, they'd hate that.' It clearly deserves 10,000 words, so my punishment for this short fic is that people leave comments asking whether I'll continue this, to which the answer is "I'm in grad school." But I read the last Tiffany Aching book a few months ago and I liked it but it hurt a lot, and this helped a little.

Give an Inch (497 words) for Rosencrantz
Fandom: Discworld - Terry Pratchett
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Pteppicymon XXVIII, Princess Kelirehenna
Queen Keli meets someone very useful.

Two characters from two of the more obscure Discworld novels, hanging out. Again, I wish I had 10,000 words to give this fic.

Life On Line (1082 words) for mayhap
Fandom: Baseball RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Lorenzo Cain, Salvador Pérez
Salvy visits Lolo in the off-season. Lorenzo wishes he'd stop calling him that.

In case you were wondering, I am still v Baseball. Also I love Salvador Perez, who is Tall and Has Hands and Makes Amazing Videos.

Let Go of Everything (431 words) for Anndy
Fandom: Punic Wars RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Hannibal Barca
Hannibal and his elephants in the snow.

Look, it's not Yuletide if I'm not dredging up my historical RPF feelings.

Tea and Trauma (490 words) for Shycraft
Fandom: Matthew Swift Series - Kate Griffin
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Matthew Swift, Sharon Li, Rhys Ellis
Sharon, Rhys, and Matthew (the recently reunited Midnight Mayor) take a short break to recover. And drink tea.

This would be part of my trilogy of 'people feed Matthew' fics if I would ever finish the fic about Matthew and Penny getting Chinese and banging. Someday.

Fact-Finding (557 words) for tonepoem
Fandom: Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Gem of Sphene/Translator Zeiat
Zeiat is determined to find out how humans reproduce. Sphene doesn't really help.

Ohhhh man I missed writing sex comedy. Happy Yuletide!

(Please give me Yuletide recs if you have any - I'm too overwhelmed to go diving, but I do love Yuletide and Yuletide fics and I want to read more than the three I've done so far.)

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wooo! well done for owning yuletide as always :) will look forward to that analysis


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