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Just got back from five-ish days without real internet: planning on dealing with comments and things momentarily. But I just finished reading another Hornblower book, and I'm trying to sort through how I feel about the series, so I thought that now would be a good time to make a post about that.

cut for a lot of FEELINGS, and some minor spoilers )

Checking in

23/6/12 11:38 pm
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It has been a week and my computer is almost fixed but not actually. I am waiting on hinges, and then apparently the IT people are going to have me and my dad actually glue everything back together, because some of the modifications we have made to the outer casing of my laptop are sensible but not intuitive. So I'm very occasionally on my mom's laptop for now, with access to my laptop's hard drive (hurrah!), but not enough confidence in my cache/history deleting skills to log into my fandom spaces much (boo). This means I have been reading LJ on my phone and tumbling not at all, though tumblr probably hasn't noticed my absence.

For some reason I am totally okay with writing fanfic on my mom's laptop, though, which is good because I am very close to done with this Bruce/Clint/Natasha Avengers fic. I had originally planned on 5k words of character studies, which became 10k words of plot and Clint Barton feelings, which has developed into a 20k ship manifesto for superspies and scientists with issues. I'm not sure what happened here, but I'm projecting 25,000 words and I'm pretty sure none of it makes sense at all. (This is all code for: I would really like a beta if anyone wants to volunteer, because I can only gear myself up to betahunt in new fandoms once a year and I have already used it up on BBC Sherlock. I would be very grateful and also very patient, because I know this is kind of. A lot.)

What else has happened? I have been reading books at my old pace, i.e. one every other day or so. I finally read the new Garrett PI and Discworld novels, which had been backburnered because of school. I have been attempting to find housing for the fall, but haven't had much luck yet. Will keep trying, because I value shelter. And we had a garage sale, which went pretty okay but unfortunately involved revealing my location to a bunch of strangers (which I am normally fine with, but for some reason caused a lot of anxiety in this case). But they were strangers who gave me money for things we didn't need, which was the important part.

And that is all! Hopefully my next post will come sooner rather than later, and will be typed up on my own laptop (fingers crossed).
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I acquired a microphone on Sunday, for a SECRET PROJECT which I will probably be working on for quite a while with nothing to show for it as of yet. But while I was testing the microphone and retraining myself on audacity, I recorded a bunch of very short podfic of my own stories. It's all in very small fandoms, so I don't know if anyone will be interested, but I figured I'd let people know anyway.

Also, concrit is super appreciated at the moment, as I have no idea what I'm doing. Unless it's about how I mispronounce things, because I know I do that and I try to correct it, but it's unfortunately going to keep happening until I learn how to pronounce ALL the words, haha.

Under the cut: podfic for Dinosaur Comics, Doctor Who BFA, Journey to the West, Making Fiends, and Tintin. )

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Let me talk about my Carnivale giftfic again, first: From the Dirt by arllama was really great, and I love it and the author forever because I got a story for meeee. (I'm like this during every story exchange, but especially Yuletide. A story for meeeee.)

And Reveals! I wrote eleven fics again, just like last year - it may possibly become a tradition, though it's probably best that I don't try to commit to it. I was much more delayed on my main fic this time, and then I ended up writing a second fic for my assigned person and a bunch of random treats on the 20th, which was better than last year (when I wrote treats on the 24th). Basically my only resolution last year was to start writing treats earlier, so that worked out, haha.

Short headers and some commentary:

...under the cut )

In summary, Yuletide was a blast and now I have to go respond to comments. And start stockpiling obscure fandoms for next year.

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I'm flying to Florence tomorrow, so I might be out of contact for a few days. Hopefully I'll be having fun with a place to stay, although the people who have offered me a spot in their backyard are being a bit off-and-on with the giving me information thing. Anyway, after that I'm flying to the US next Saturday. I'm just going to apologize now for long delays in responding to anything.

But before I go! [ profile] sophia_sol  was doing this meme where you answer five questions, and then you give other people five questions. These are my answers - if anyone wants some questions for themselves, just ask (although, as noted above, you might have to wait a while for the questions).

This is cut for babble and a tiny bit of swearing. Possibly an abuse trigger? Only discussed in a fictional and vague context. )
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Here is my first shot at trying to write commentary for a fic. It is for When Gangster Bosses Ruled the City (gen Tintin fic), and it was requested by [ profile] curuchamion . I hope this is interesting and not just pointless navel-gazing? If this works out, this will probably be one of those vaguely irregular features like the deanons that I do instead of bothering to come up with new content. Woo! Commentary in bold.

lots of words under the cut )

To sum up, I was exhausted and then noir. I guess? It's just one of those things that happens.

Life: update

5/6/11 10:55 pm
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This weekend has been super busy, except for today, when I just kind of melted into my bed at some point. I disapprove of the current heat about as strongly as I disapprove of the forecasted rain for this week. June :|

Anyway, I went to Munich yesterday! And it was amazing, so amazing, I love it. People kept telling me about the bars to go to and so on, but because I am me I went to six museums and climbed to the top of Old Saint Peter and walked way too much. Also, I was awake and moving for around 22 hours, between getting up at 3am to catch my train and finally making it back to my apartment at 1 am. The last few hours of that trip were a little surreal. Definitely affected my ability to move and be a person today, I have no idea if DS9 chat noticed the difference. I did manage to submit my entry for the second Machine of Death anthology, so there's that.

Also, a couple weeks ago, I finished Tristam Shandy. And it was amazing, so amazing, I love it. It's such a weird book - probably not one I would have read, if it hadn't been one of the few English-language books at the local library. But it was silly and fascinating, and people who have talked to me/read my fic may have noticed that I have a weakness for shaggy dog stories. Tristam Shandy is the ultimate shaggy dog story, the best kind, the kind where you know that's it's not going to go anywhere but you've given up on caring and can just enjoy the ride. Anyway, there's a movie based on Tristam Shandy which I've now seen - A Cock and Bull Story. This movie was amazing, so ama- okay, I'll stop. But it is really good, though I'm not sure what people who haven't read the book thought of it. I, flush with my knowledge of canon, was literally crying with laughter at the end. It has Stephen Fry, Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Dylan Moran, Gillian Anderson and more, all of them playing themselves as well as characters in Tristam Shandy. How was this ridiculous meta thing something that was made?

Finally, I've been reading Camera Obscura in a desperate attempt to familiarize myself with Anji and Fitz. I guess Lloyd Rose's crush on Paul McGann is fairly well-known, but I was still surprised. How many times can you mention the Doctor's hair/face/general aura of handsomeness in a chapter? Lots.

Okay, off to watch the new episode. I'm excited for being able to look at my flist and facebook and reality again without being spoilered.


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