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14/12/12 09:44 am
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It's been a while since I posted! I am alive. Minneapolis got a huge amount of snow on Sunday, and the roads were slippery for a while, but I did not crash my car or crash in someone else's car, although my fencing coach does enjoy fishtailing WAY too much when he's giving me a ride.

I'm kind of buried under papers and also Yuletide atm - one paper is almost done, and I need to start the other one soon, but I'm feeling optimistic. And my Yuletide fic is very very close to done, so that's good, as I also have an exam on Monday that I need to prep for.

Everything's winding down for the semester - classes ending, last fencing practice yesterday (though I might go to the club on Tuesday if I'm caught up enough with my paper), people abandoning campus. I'm driving out on Thursday and plan to be home for almost a month, which will be great. As long as the roads are clear for my two-day drive.

I was really into the not!fic meme for a while, but I've since run out of time for writing things that don't have a deadline. I promise I'll get back to the unanswered prompts soon! In the meantime, here is what I've done already:
Whishaw!Q & Dench!M bodyswap for justice_turtle
Elizabethan Skyfall AU for narwhale_callin
Bush/Hornblower highschool AU for aralias

And I am still taking prompts if you don't mind waiting a while for a response. Writing these is actually really great - I'm writing them the same way I write plot summaries before I write a fic, and I'm definitely tempted to try and flesh a couple (or all of these) out into a real fic once the semester is over and I can breathe.
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