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Drove over 1000 miles Saturday and Sunday, and made it back to grad school land. It's -20 windchill out there. I can't really say I'm pleased, but everything's unpacked and I am become human again instead of a driving machine, so that's awesome.

Tomorrow is my first (only) class of the week! And tomorrow evening I'm directing sabre at a highschool competition, for which service I will be given Money. So my outlook on life is pretty great :)

ALSO, on the drive I was listening to the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell audiobook, which is rad. I guess some people complained about how the footnotes interrupt the story, but I'm not sure how they could have gotten around it. Skipping the footnotes could have gutted some of the chapters, and I didn't find them that distracting. But I have also read the book twice? three times? so it's probably easier for me. I do wish they had gotten a woman to do the reading though, since I've always felt that the strong (and female) authorial narration was great in Strange and Norrell. But audiobooks always seem to be read by dudes, for some reason. I love the guy who's doing the audiobook now, his voices are excellent, but... dudes.

The main thing I am getting out of this relistening is that this book is ridic long. Which I knew, obviously, but I just drove 18 hours and I'm not even halfway through the audiobook. I will persevere! I love listening to audiobooks, because I'm way more active than when reading - I shout at the tape and laugh more and try to give the characters advice. My current favorite exclamations are "Poooor Mr. Norrell," "Strange, your life is so hard, I'm sure," and "CHILDERMASS."

Which brings me to the other main thing I am getting out of this relistening - I love Childermass. And Norrell. They're such terrible people. And I really really want to write Childermass/Norrell, that's probably going to happen soon.


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