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As of... now! Haha.

At the very end of April I went and saw Acid Mothers Temple! It was cool, and also felt a little bit like an alien experience, but that was to be expected.

In 2012, after I graduated college, my mom bought me an Acid Mothers Temple album she found at a thrift store. That fall, I found out that AMT was very important to certain important people in my new career. In the summer of 2014 I went and hung out with my best friend from college and he gave me 8 AMT live albums. I feel a little like this band is being pushed on me. This psychedelic drone space Japanese rock band.

Anyway, when they were playing at a cool venue and tickets were only $12, I went! With a friend of mine who's also in academics (though a different department) and used to play drums in a metal band and now plays in a reggae band with an ex-back up singer for the Jonas Brothers.

It was a weird frickin concert.

First of all, it was really loud. They were giving out free earplugs which was a REALLY GOOD IDEA - I had mine in as soon as the opener started, while my friend scoffed. As soon as AMT started playing he ran for the bowl of ear plugs, though, because AMT were going to destroy that tiny room. Thank you, free ear plugs, for ensuring that I can mostly still hear today.

Second, it was really dark. Like, even for a concert.

AMT playing in the dark.

Third, going to this concert with my friend was cool! He's a really nice guy. He does drink at concerts, which I never do and I don't usually go to concerts with people who do - I don't like being tipsy when trying to stand in a big crowd etc. So sometimes that was a bit much, just like being the sober friend can be a bit much. But he's fun to talk to, and we had great conversations before and after the concert, mostly about my prospectus which I continue to be buried in, and how I should throw my initial topic over and write about the politics of wizards instead.

I was also excited about going to a concert with someone who's really into music, because I've been doing a lot of taking people to concerts where they get introduced to the band, which can be fun but can also be kind of a bummer when they find out they don't like the band. But it turned out that this guy hadn't actually listened to much AMT and mostly wanted to go to find out what Important Career Person listens to in his free time, haha. So that was a little bit of a let down but also pretty funny. He's still a music guy, and it was killing him when the AMT drummer's cymbals kept falling sideways. He wanted to jump onto the stage and just fix them, SO MUCH.

(Important Career Guy was going to be there, but he got sick at the last minute :/ Can't decide if that's for better or for worse, although obvs a huge disappointment to him. We had a few nice conversations about the concert, though, he wanted to find out what he'd missed.)

Fourth: AMT was SO GOOD OH MAN. They look like ancient space wizards and they sound like it too. Ancient prog rock space wizards. Really loud ones. They only said a couple things, mostly it was just music - the only thing I can remember was when one of the guys leaned forward and just repeated 'There is no rock and roll in Japan' over and over and then laughed. I don't know how to explain AMT. Listen: and imagine this being played to make your ears pop by a bunch of guys that are composed 80% out of hair.

Loved it, tbh. Definitely going to see them next time they're in the area (which seems to be surprisingly often.)


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