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This year I got two (two!) fics for Yuletide and I adore both of them so much, gosh. They are both about sports but only tangentially, in much the way that my fannish life recently has been weirdly about and not about sports.

My main fic was for By the Sword (!!!!)

Not like I feint every time we touch (1831 words)
Fandom: By the Sword (1991)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Max Suba/Alexander Villard, Danny Gallagher, Erin Clavelli
Summary: It’s all about prise de fer, baby.

This is a very silly fic about a terrible fencing movie that I love. I talk about By the Sword ALL THE TIME, I have forced many people to watch it, and now I can apparently add my Yuletide author to that list :D And they have written me the perfect coda to the movie, one that embraces the absurdity, doesn't let anyone off the hook, and includes a soundtrack. It's glorious. Also I am in love with the title. (And if any of this is intriguing you and you want to watch the original movie - it's on youtube!)

I also got a bonus fic for the Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles which makes me super gleeful.

VII. Lakeland (2002 words)
Fandom: The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Tim Tebow, lots of Argonauts
Go Toronto Argos go go go
Pull together fight the foe foe foe
Scoring touchdowns for the blue on blue
The Argos will win for you!

TTCC is a surreal take on football, Canada, and the energy crisis. This fic is also a coda, bringing the tone of the ending way way up as Tim Tebow's football studio is joined by a bunch of former Argonauts and made into a success. It's really funny and sweet and has excellent illustrations, and it's exactly what I wanted from TTCC fic.

Man, what a great Yuletide. IDK when I'll get around to going through the rest of the collection, but I'm looking forward to it.

(As usual I went a little off the deep end on the last couple days, so I have 5 fics in the main collection and 6 in Madness. So far they've been well received :) )


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