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I am super behind on a lot of blogging stuff, so my goal is to get through them before the new year. This is the first of two concert posts! And a post about Yuletide is to come later today.

In October I went to a Gaslight Anthem concert! It was... okay.

Basically, I learned a lesson I already knew - don't go to a concert to see the opening band. In this case, there were two opening bands and I wanted to see the middle one, Against Me. They were good! I was really excited when they were playing. But I am only moderately into Gaslight Anthem, and unfortunately I was not more invested in them live.

Anyway, it was three punk bands in a big concert venue, and while I would say all three have a pretty mainstream sound, this was still enough to get the venue to turn the sound system all the way up until it crackled. One of my friends who I was with always offers me earplugs and this was the first time I took her up on it. With the earplugs in I could actually understand the singers, but eventually I took them out because it was bugging me that there were SOUNDS that I couldn't hear, haha. I am sure that elderly me will be annoyed with younger me when I have to get hearing aids.

So, yeah. The opener was okay (Cory Branan). Against me was fantastic, and I came away even more in love with the new album (that I'd already been playing on repeat all summer). The Gaslight Anthem was good, but I was only sort of into it and that meant all of the annoyances of a concert got exacerbated. They have a really extensive lightshow that kind of gave me a headache, and the crowd was moshing right in front of me. But the venue has a really good staff, and they put a literal line of guys in between the mosh pit and the rest of the crowd so that no one got elbowed in the face who hadn't taken that risk on themselves by pushing past the line.

Gaslight Anthem did have one of those rubber unicorn masks, though, and one of the guitarists wore it for like a third of the set and it was super cute. The lead singer started bugging him about where he got it and the guy gave a shout-out to Newberry Street Comics, ie one of my favorite places in Boston. Cute!

All in all, a good time. But if I did it over again, I would just wait for Against Me to come through as a headliner instead of the supporting act.

Blurry photos!

Cory Brana

Against Me!

The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem again, but one of the guitarists is wearing a unicorn mask rucked up onto the back of his head.


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