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Hello, author! I am super excited for Yuletide, and I hope you are too, because we've already established that you have excellent taste in media.

In general terms, I really like humor and happiness, but I like serious stuff too. Basically, anything that's not ooc and over-the-top (though I know that sometimes over-the-top isn't ooc). I'm not a huge fan of hurt-comfort or angst foreverrr, but if it's well done I will totally read and enjoy it. I will also love your het, your gen, your femslash, or your slash (although I do have some notes about pairings in my requests).

Some specific things I hope you'll avoid: I generally can't read things with horror, character injury/torture, other forms of abuse, body horror, acute embarrassment, character death, incest, underage character/of age character, and rape/non-con. If it's something incidental, I can probably deal, but a fic focusing on any of these things would be really difficult for me to read. Also, zombies. I cannot do zombies at all - I've had to stop reading/watching many things because there were zombies. Sorry to be so difficult! Hopefully you aren't jonesing for serious zombie writing action etc.

Repeating the requests for your convenience:

Männer Wie Wir | Guys and Balls (2004):
Okay, so I saw this movie last year and FELL IN LOVE, oh my gosh. It is just so happy and positive and great! Also it had an adorable affectionate middle-aged leather poly trio, I feel like the people who made this movie and I should be friends. The point is, I would really really like some Rudolf/Tom/Horst (ie the adorable poly trio). Anything about them! Domesticity. Their jobs at the club. How they got together. Their weekend trip driving around on their motorcycles. Kinky sex scene. Whichever. (Though honestly I am more invested in their kinky dish washing and kinky laundry folding than their kinky sex. Just putting that out there.)

Alternatively, I'm also super invested in Martin, the amazing trans* butch lesbian football star. Anything on Martin - though if you want a specific prompt, something about Martin and fitting in/getting along with the team? Or Martin coming out/not coming out to different people. Or Martin folding laundry and being awesome, I don't know.

With either of these, it would be awesome if you could keep the sort of happy optimistic attitude of the movie? Not ignoring problems and prejudice, but not falling headfirst into angst either. I'm also happy to get a fic in either English or German, whichever you're more comfortable with (those are the only two languages I can read).

Matthew Swift Series - Kate Griffin:
The Matthew Swift series has SO MANY awesome ladies, and it was really hard to pick only four. But if you would write me fic about Dr Seah, Penny, Nabeela, and/or Kelly, I will be so thrilled. Dr Seah's awesome life and times as a cheerful magical completely unreassuring magical doctor. Penny/Nabeela fixit fic (because Penny was sure shipping it in Minority Council). Kelly basically running the Alderman because Matthew isn't. Any and all femslash combinations. The four of them gathering to have tea and play video games. Whichever.

Caveats: I love Matthew and would be super happy if he shows up in the fic, as long as the focus is on the ladies. And please no character death, Kate Griffin has scarred me as it is. I need happy death-free Matthew Swift fic.

ごくせん | Gokusen (Manga):
Basically I just love Kumiko and her yakuza family. They're adorable/badass, which is an awesome combination. Fic about Kumiko and Shin's future as head of the Ooedo family and yakuza lawyer/tough dude/whatever Shin becomes and also their future as people who also make out occasionally would be rad. Alternatively, fic about Kyotaro being the tough ridiculous guy he is would also be rad. (Especially if it explored the Kyotaro/Fujiyama threads that the manga pretty much dropped. I would love to see a longer Kyotaro and Fujiyama courtship that ends with Kyotaro inevitably messing it up and Fujiyama realizing that she could... probably do better.) Any fic about these characters and how they fit in with the wider Ooedo family would be rad, haha.

If you go with Kumiko/Shin, though, please keep it post-manga/post-Shin's graduation - I pretty much can't read any teacher/student romance, which is why Gokusen blind-sided me with how much I love it. Similarly, Fujiyama is GREAT and I would love fic about her, but I would appreciate it if you don't dwell on her whole teenage-boy thing.

The Lion in Winter RPF:
So I don't really read RPF, but there was this Daily Mail article (sorry, but it's the only version I could find) about Peter O'Toole and I just?? Peter O'Toole??? He's ridiculous????? I'm pretty sure that he is actually a fictional character. And then I saw Lion in Winter and it was beautiful and haunting and amazing but actually the whole time I was thinking about Peter O'Toole and Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton and Jane Merrow and Katherine Hepburn getting drunk and losing bits of their fingers and laughing at each other and falling out of boats and occasionally trying to act. I would really like that fic. Like, a lot.

ANYWAY, thanks again for writing for me! Of course optional details are optional, and I look forward to whatever you come up with :)


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