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I have a longer post I want to make about podcasts and radio plays and my new love affair with Welcome to Nightvale, but in the meantime here is a cool thing: I am in a zine! A real paper-based thing!

[personal profile] holli has made five zines for Zinefest: four fandoms (Who, Pushing Daisies, Les Mis, Discworld) and a zine about how you found fandom. I have a short fic in the Discworld zine. It's about letters sent to the Ankh-Morpork Times, and you can read it by going to this link and downloading the pdf of the Discworld zine (which is labeled 'the turtle moves'). Or download all of the zines. They are great, and have great contributors - I know [personal profile] aralias is in two of them. I've only glanced at the other four zines, so I'm hoping to get time next week to sit down and actually read all of them. Something to look forward to!

I'm super enamored of the layout of the zines - I worked on student publications long enough to realize that I hate making layouts and typesetting, and holli did some awesome stuff with my fic to make it look more newspaper-y, which I would have never thought of. I'll post the fic here/on the AO3 eventually, but right now I am too busy admiring its pdf form.


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