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I did things! Last weekend was a fencing competition. Saturday (mixed fencing), did awesome in pools and then bombed afterwards against a friend, bluh. Sunday (women's fencing), there were only three of us there so I went on this ridiculous quest to find more people, lent out a bunch of equipment and traded favors and so on, we ended up with eight fencers which was super rad. And then I lost in the final by three points, but I felt better about myself. Fencing!

Last Tuesday I saw Boy in concert, which I think I mentioned was awesome awesome awesome. Sit-down show in a fairly small theater, and Valeska and Sonja just have amazing stage presence. They did a fairly long set, and then came back for an encore and did a really amazing cover of Lonely Boy which some kind soul has put on youtube:

(Also, here's Little Numbers from the same show!)

I got a CD and their autograph :) And the two friends I dragged along (who didn't know much about the bands) totally fell in love with the music. Everyone wins!

Pics because it really did happen:



AND THEN last Friday I saw Starfucker again! I saw them in Boston about a year and a half ago, and when I saw they were playing in Minneapolis for their new album tour I got super excited. I ended up going with a fellow fan, a friend who had never heard of them (and never been to an American concert), and one of the people from the last concert. And it was super great! They played a lot of their older songs, and some of their new ones, and they've mostly just really upped their stage game since the last time I saw them. The last show pretty much can't be topped (seriously, click the link above, that show was weird as shit), but this show was awesome and I was bouncing up and down like half the time.

They played a really long set, then came back for the encore and were like ONE MORE, OKAY? and then played three more songs. And then the lights came up and everyone went to leave, and Starfucker was like no! One more! Awesome.

And all of my friends had tons of fun :) I was a bit worried because it was a bigger show than I'm used to and I thought they might get lost, but we hung together even when I was shifting to the front and we all had each others' backs. Very important at a big dance-y concert.

Video! This is kind of jumpcuts through the whole thing, it's interesting. Although hanging out in the balcony, pssh. I started out about halfway across the floor from the stage and ended up only ten feet away.

And photos - their light show was really cool, but it makes all of these photos look like they were taken in the middle of a neon explosion.

photo of Starfucker playing

green blur of lights

starfucker playing and wearing spacehelmets

And that's what I did for Spring Break!


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