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And also Christmas. But let's talk about the important things, shall we?

This Yuletide I got Wonderella fic! Wonderella is an awesome webcomic, nominally a parody of wonder Woman, but mostly a parody of superhero comics in general. As I said in my letter, it speaks to my terrible cynical heart - Wonderella is a hard-drinking, hard-partying, extremely commercial superhero, surrounded by way more competent people (and several less competent people), who still manages to save the day. And I got fic! About her and Queen Beetle (one of the competent people)! And it is glorious.

A Pain in My SIDEKICK - gen, Wonderella and Queen Beetle centric. If you're familiar with the comic, I definitely recommend the fic, and if you're not familiar with the comic, then go check it out and get back to me. It's worth it!

Meanwhile, I finished up classes on the 19th, spent two days driving back home and have since kind of collapsed. I'm still writing a term paper (it's due on the 30th), but I'm taking a day off for Christmas. And, per tradition, I wrote way too many Yuletide stories while avoiding my paper, so I'm trying not to check my email too often while I wait for comments. There are three in the main archive and eight in Madness (which opens tomorrow, I think). We'll see what people think!

Okay, I have to go help make dinner. Hope everyone's having a good day :)


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