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Waaay back in December, I was lucky enough to have tickets to the 10th (and last) Doomtree Blowout! It was amazing.

Doomtree is a local hiphop collective, with a bunch of amazing people involved. Dessa, POS, Cecil Otter, Sims, Mike Mictlan, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger. I'm basically in love with their No Kings album (Team the Best Team was named after one of their songs). I love their solo work. I love live concerts. I had to see them! Every year they do a big many-show blowout in December, and I missed getting tickets for the 2013 one. When they announced that 2014 would be their last blowout year, I jumped on one of the last shows that wasn't sold out and got two tickets. One of my good fencing friends went with me and we had a blast, oh man.

It was a while before they came on stage and there was no opener, but my friend and I stayed in pretty high spirits and kept tight hold of our great spots. Once the crew came on stage everyone flipped out, and we stayed flipped out for a long time! They did about an hour set, including Doomtree songs, solo songs, new stuff, old stuff. One of the problems I have with collective records is that I can get voices mixed up with each other, so it was really cool to see who sang what parts. Also, the staging and presence was great.

They went off stage, and we waited around for a little bit before DJ Fundo came on stage and said "Okay, let's do this - I'll spin some tunes and you dance, okay?" He got a half-hearted cheer and started playing another local rap artist, and then changed his mind and had the performer come out and do the song himself. Which led to 6 guest artist songs: Chantz Erolin, Metasota, Greg Grease, Illuminous 3, Sean Anonymous, and Har Mar Superstar.

We flipped out some more.

And then Doomtree came back on and did AnOTHEr hour-long set, and it was glorious and emotional and so frickin Minnesota. You can't get this experience anywhere else, because this is where they're from, and I'm glad to have come in at a time when I could share in that. I feel super lucky. Doomtree got me through a lot of my second year of grad school (including a prelim), and 2014 was a rough year for America, and when POS said "Scream because things are so fucking hard!" it felt like it was being pulled out of me. I had a lot of car trouble and difficulties in the next couple days as I tried to get back home to see my family, and that line echoed in my head a lot and kept me moving. Well, that and "You can stay miserable all your life, but what kind of difference that make?" which has been echoing in my head since I first heard it two years ago. What a great show. What a great band.

Here are MANY blurry phone photos, but there are also many professional photos! By Sarah Dope and Hannah Hoffman, and the Doomtree recap (with video!). You can actually see me in a couple of their photos!

Cecil Otter on stage

Dessa silhouetted against the stage lights

Metasota on stage

Greg Grease on stage

Har Mar Superstar dancing

Dessa and Aby Wolf singing together

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