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Hello, author! I am so psyched for Yuletide and I'm hoping you are too, because we have matched and thus you have EXCELLENT taste.

In general terms, I really like humor and happiness, but I like serious stuff too. Basically, anything that's not ooc and over-the-top (though I know that sometimes over-the-top isn't ooc). I'm not a huge fan of hurt-comfort or angst foreverrr, but if it's well done I will totally read and enjoy it. I will also love your het, your gen, your femslash, or your slash (although I do have some notes about pairings in my requests).

Some specific things I hope you'll avoid: I generally can't read things with horror (esp body horror), acute embarrassment, character death, incest, underage character/of age character, and rape/non-con. If it's something incidental, I can probably deal, but a fic focusing on any of these things would be really difficult for me to read. Also, zombies. I cannot do zombies at all - I've had to stop reading/watching many things because there were zombies. Sorry to be so difficult! Hopefully you aren't jonesing for serious zombie writing action etc. I don't think this will be a problem with any of the fandoms I'm requesting, I just figured I should get it all on the table.

Specific requests reproduced for your convenience:

Superior Foes of Spider-Man
(If this is not your fandom but you might want to write it - there are only 15 issues so it's do-able.)

I love this comic. Favorite things about it: doofy super-villains, people being terrible at things, loving families that lovingly steal stuff together, Janice's successful law career, Boomerang's failed baseball career, Bartender girlfriend's simultaneous disdain for and attraction to Boomerang, also the beautiful relationship of two people who hate the same random baseball player.

If you want some prompts, there are two stories that would make me really happy. You could do Janice and her dad and FAMILY and CRIMINALITY and I would love that. Or you could do Boomerang and Bartender girlfriend and BASEBALL and I would love that too. (I got super into baseball this year and for some reason also the Mets, which is the team Boomerang got booted from - here is a semi-relevant post.) As this implies, you don't have to shoe-horn all four characters into the fic if it doesn't work out that way.

Alternatively, anything you write that involves people being bad at things would make me happy. As long as everything turns out okay in the end - more comedy-of-errors than black hole of angst, haha.

The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles
(If this is not your fandom but you might want to write it - the canon is free and online but might break your browser, sorry. It takes a long time to load.)

THIS FIC. Okay. Let me list the things I don't know anything about - Tim Tebow. The CFL. Football. Wtf is going on in Jon Bois' brain. That said, I love this thing a lot and I really would like to see more exploration of all the stuff going on in it. Some specific suggestions:

Nereida and Maryse and women in the CFL. I like Bois' matter-of-fact explanation that he put female players in the fic because he could, but I'd like an in-story treatment too. Did they play football in mixed teams in high school etc? Did they always play on women's teams before and joining the mixed CFL was a culture shock? What is their training regimen like? (Do they spot each other when lifting weights and then make out? Just curious.)

Tim and his strip-mall football coaching business. How does that work out for him? Does he ever move on from football? Does football make a comeback? This is so cliche but I would seriously read the story of Tim coaching some high-school team during the energy apocalypse.

TROY SMITH AND THE MONTREAL ARMY. Just. Anything about them, pre- or post-trying to intercept the football out in the wilderness.

As I kind of implied by my suggestions, you don't have to put all of the characters I requested into the fic if they don't fit. And if you for some reason need more of a sense of my TTC thoughts, this is the tumblr tag I've used for it.

By the Sword
(If this is not your fandom but you might want to write it - some kind soul has uploaded the movie to YouTube.)

I am incredibly obsessed with this movie. I've seen it five times. I've reenacted bits of it. I quote it in my daily life. It's TERRIBLE. It's WONDERFUL. I WANT SO MUCH FIC. I would adore anything, but if you want specific suggestions:

Erin (main female character) and Tatiana (random female epee fencer who shows up for five seconds to proclaim her lack of interest in main male character), FENCING RIVALS. They meet up at competitions and always end up in the same bracket and want to beat the other person SO MUCH. I would especially love it if this trumps Erin's rivalry AND relationship with Trebor, femslash would be a tremendous plus.

A comparison of Villard and Suba's coaching styles! I coach fencing and think about this a lot - I don't think Villard's hard-core, hyper-tactical coaching style is perfect, but neither is Suba's understand-your-own-weaknesses, super friendly style. I'd love to see more about how they coach and fence and how that affects their students.

I am a fencer, but I will not be super critical of your depiction of fencing if you're not familiar with it! On the other hand, if you do want to tap into my fencing id, things that would be awesome: roadtrips to competitions, dealing with anger/frustration/etc during competitions, complaining about directors, and friendly antagonism between rival fencers. You could also check out my LJ fencing tag although a lot of those are sad posts about my fencing struggles, haha. BtS-wise, there are two BtS fics in existence and I wrote one and got the other for Yuletide two years ago, so those are good examples of what I want in the world. OR you could check out my By the Sword tag. So many thoughts. You can ignore most of them, just if you need inspiration.

ANYWAY, thanks again for writing for me :D This is the most detailed letter I've ever written for Yuletide, but of course optional details are optional! I look forward to whatever you come up with.
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