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I saw two shows recently! Bastille, which was sort of interesting/really good, and Caravan Palace, which was AMAZING.

I went to Bastille by myself - that show was cheap and sold out really fast, so I was the only one of my friends who got tickets. Going to a show by yourself is a weird experience! I bonded with some people in the crowd, but I mostly screwed around on my phone until the show started, haha. I'm just glad the concert was in downtown, fairly close to where I live, and ended at a reasonable time (Tuesday night with minors in attendance = have to be done by 10). All of that meant that I got home fine and made it to class the next morning.

The show itself was really good! We were only the second show on their US tour, so it was an interesting show for them. Bastille's just getting big, so it didn't have that kind of awkward charm of a new act, but it's also not long enough into their tour to be polished and slick and perfect? I don't know, I enjoyed the music but the set-up and everything was weirdly rough and too smooth at the same time.

But like I said, the music was amazing and Dan Smith does some truly adoraterrible shoulder-dancing and the opening band (To Kill a King) was excellent. I bout To Kill a King's US/Canada tour poster - it is a combined eagle/bear because NORTH AMERICA, I guess.

Photos! I didn't like the press photos going around, so here are some of my phone photos. Unfortunately that means we have to deal with a bit of blur.

To Kill a King:

a band backlit by rainbow lights


a band backlit by white lights

The Caravan Palace show was four days later, and I went with three other people (one other fan and two friends I dragged along). I had a really good time! The band had an AMAZING rapport with the audience and great chemistry on stage - they were talking to each other, to the crowd, pulling people up on stage to dance, it was lovely. There was no opener so the show felt kind of short, but I am totally fine with that. It was just fun and high energy and jumping around. Bad thing: I was sick and really felt it after jumping up and down at a show for more than an hour, haha. Also I think my friends were (somewhat jokingly) a little annoyed with me - one had never been to a concert with me and didn't realize how scream-y, jump-y, and all-around into it I become. The other friend had an awk combination of standing behind me AND not moving to the music, which meant that I kept nearly bumping into her because I was moving and the people in front of me were moving, and she was not. But all is fine.

I took sooo many photos at this show. There was just so much happening on stage, and Zoe (lead singer) kept changing costumes, and everyone was so into their instruments. There were way more people and traditional instruments than I was expecting for an electroswing band! But I also do not know what I was expecting at all in the first place. What I am trying to say here is that this is only one of many many many blurry photos.

two people singing at each other on-stage

Luckily the band photographer has my back - there was a couple who got engaged at their last Twin Cities show, and is getting married soon, so the band took a group photo with the couple (and the audience)!

a photo taken from stage, showing the band and a couple sitting down with the screaming audience behind them.

So that's the overdue concert report! I'm going to one more concert next weekend, and then I think I'm done for a while. Woo!
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