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Hello, author! I am super excited for Yuletide, and I hope you are too, because we've already established that you have excellent taste in movies/webcomics/scientists.

In general terms, I really like humor and happiness, but I like serious stuff too. Basically, anything that's not ooc and over-the-top (though I know that sometimes over-the-top isn't ooc). I'm not a huge fan of hurt-comfort or angst foreverrr, but if it's well done I will totally read and enjoy it. I will also love your het, your gen, your femslash, or your slash (although I do have some notes about pairings in my requests).

Some specific things I hope you'll avoid: I try to avoid reading things with horror, character injury/torture, other forms of abuse, body horror, acute embarrassment, character death, incest, underage character/of age character, and rape/non-con. If it's something incidental, I can probably deal, but a fic focusing on any of these things would be really difficult for me to read. Also, zombies. I cannot do zombies at all - I've had to stop reading/watching many things because there were zombies. Sorry to be so difficult! Hopefully you aren't jonesing for serious zombie writing action etc.

Repeating the requests for your convenience:

Arts & Sciences RPF (Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman):
So, I wrote my senior thesis as an extension of some of Kahneman and Tversky's decision making research, and I cited them like a million times. I kind of think of them as these mythical beings who invented decisions, and while I realize this isn't true, that's kind of what I'm looking for in a fic. Kahneman and Tversky hanging out and having cognitive psychology adventures! Kahneman and Tversky as wizard researchers? Kahneman and Tversky go bowling! Kahneman and Tversky get sick of switching who is the first author credit, and start sending papers out as Kahverskyman. Any or all or none of the above, just something silly about these dudes. I know very little about their lives outside their research, though I know Kahneman has been involved in some of the controversy over priming effects recently - I'd appreciate it if you avoided making the fic too seriously involved in real life problems. (And gen would be super great, thank you!)

By the Sword (1991):
THIS MOVIE. I hated it the first time I saw it, because wtf was that ending, and then I saw it again and it was okay, and then I saw it again and I LOVE IT, and I reenacted duels from it and can quote it at length, and it's so ridiculous. I would totally appreciate anything about this movie, from a fix-it to the bizarre ending, to a prequel of what was going on with Suba before he was imprisoned, to what happens after the final duel in the club, to what Gallagher's life was like while all the drama was happening, to what Villard's career as a world-class fencer was like. If you're not interested in writing any of these guys, I'm interested in the grocery lady and most of the background fencers too (though not really the couple in the romantic subplot, sorry). I would happily read gen or ship-fic for this movie.

Also, I am a fencer, but I will not be super critical of your depiction of fencing if you're not familiar with it! On the other hand, if you do want to tap into my fencing id, things that would be awesome are roadtrips to competitions, dealing with anger/frustration/etc during competitions, complaining about directors, and friendly antagonism between rival fencers.

(Also also, I know that By the Sword is kind of hard to come by - if you're having trouble getting a hold of a copy, I can probably help, though I know it's kind of hard with the Yuletide anon format. But we can work it out!

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella:
This comic speaks to my terrible cynical heart. I would love to read one of Wonderella's adventures in the vein of the comic, or a story about whatever Queen Beetle does while being an actual competent superhero, or a day in Doctor Shark's life. Or maybe an outside perspective of Wonderella's absurd life? I'd appreciate it if you avoided Hitlerella, since she makes me kind of uncomfortable, but any other character from the comic is fair game as a supporting character (or a main character, if you're not into my suggestions so far). Gen, femslash, etc would be rad. Wonderella/Queen Beetle would be EXCELLENT, although I'd wonder what Queen Beetle was thinking.

Thanks again for writing for me! Of course optional details are optional, and I look forward to whatever you come up with :)
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