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This is an annotation/commentary for Chai! or, the Unhappy Cafe and also for Personal Narrative, which are about Richard Francis Burton. It's meant to be read after those fics, though if you want a bunch of random history and opinions you can probably read this anyway!

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Let me talk about my Carnivale giftfic again, first: From the Dirt by arllama was really great, and I love it and the author forever because I got a story for meeee. (I'm like this during every story exchange, but especially Yuletide. A story for meeeee.)

And Reveals! I wrote eleven fics again, just like last year - it may possibly become a tradition, though it's probably best that I don't try to commit to it. I was much more delayed on my main fic this time, and then I ended up writing a second fic for my assigned person and a bunch of random treats on the 20th, which was better than last year (when I wrote treats on the 24th). Basically my only resolution last year was to start writing treats earlier, so that worked out, haha.

Short headers and some commentary:

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In summary, Yuletide was a blast and now I have to go respond to comments. And start stockpiling obscure fandoms for next year.

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So I finished finals on the 21st, drove home on the 22nd, and then have been asleep and/or writing for most of the last three days. Good times, man, good times.

For Yuletide I got a fic about Carnivale! It is basically the best, seriously. From the Dirt is about Jonesy and working at a carnival and what he sees there. There's a bit of Jonesy backstory (hooray!), and a lot about how he sees other people - both the marks and the people he works with. If you know anything about Carnivale I would definitely go and read it. If you don't know anything about Carnivale but you're interested in carnivals and migrant entertainment I would go read it anyway? Because, speaking as someone from that community, the fic is super interesting and accurate.

Also I was really glad to get Carnivale fic that was written for me, because I can't really go dipping through the archives for more. Carnivale as a show has a lot of things that I can't deal with well (body horror, things being alive that aren't, abuse, general horror tropes), and I get nervous about whether people will try to warn and whether they'll be warning for the things I'm worried about. I need to find someone who is sort of 'in' the fandom so I can ask them for recs, haha.

I also have three fics in the main Yuletide collection and eight in Madness, so I'm sort of waiting around for recipients to notice and tell me if it's awful. But the person I was actually assigned to seems really happy, so I am calling this a win. Yes. I won Yuletide.

Also! Christmas was good and there was lots of food, and I got--
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Okay! My brother and I are heading out to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and then I'm planning on starting edits on the Shalka script and maybe trying to actually unpack. Or I could just lie around and read the rest of this Dresden Files novel.
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Every time I post lately, it is a looking for a beta post. This is because I am both writing and trying to finish finals, which is a) a bad idea, and b) leaves me no time to have a life.

This is another Yuletide fic, but it's a treat so there's really no huge hurry? Like, I have three days. The fic is about 5k and gennish (i.e., some pairings but they're not really the point). I know the canon really well, but there are some social justice issues and readability things I'm not sure I'm dealing with properly. Also the last fic I had betaed had major typo issues, so I'm worried that this one will too (again, I blame finals).

I can trade betas, but only on treats/fics for something else entirely, because I definitely won't get it back to you until the 24th. But if you want to just help me out because you're awesome, that's great too!

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Hey! I'm looking for a Yuletide beta - really just spelling, grammar, and readability, since I kind of know the canon backwards and forwards. The fic is about 3k words and gen. I probably won't have it out until this evening, but there's not a huge rush on the turn-around either. I'm also up for trading betas if you need one too. Or if you just want to offer out of the goodness of your heart...

(Comments are screened because reasons.)

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Hello! I am excited that we matched - you have good taste in movies/books/tv shows/ridiculous internet blogs.

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So, this year I wrote eleven fics for yuletide. I'm doing short headers, so that I'm not doing this all night. But they're accompanied by babble, because I always have lots to say.

First, let me mention my gift fics again. I got two fics for my asexual!Kierkegaard prompt, which is amazing and I love both of my authors forever and ever, especially since I ended up as a pinch-hit as far as I can tell. The Knight of Infinite Resignation by sinope, and "Do the Orders Say: March On?" by automaticdoor both display far more knowledge of Kierkegaard than I have, and far more awesomeness than I thought possible.

I also have a bunch of fics I liked bookmarked in my delicious, here, in case you want to check it out. I keep finding more to read, though, so it's obviously incomplete.

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25/12/10 11:06 pm
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Haven't seen the Doctor Who Christmas special yet, and won't until tomorrow, so I am hiding from everyone's reaction posts. Just like last Christmas! Except, no, this time I'm seeing it tomorrow and not in a month.

There is so much yuletide fic to read, I am so excited. And a little overwhelmed. But I read my gift, and it is BRILLIANT.  If you are interested in Kierkegaard, or asexuality, or being a person, go read The Knight of Infinite Resignation. Because, seriously, BRILLIANT.

(I still can't believe somebody filled my ridiculous philosophy RPF, I am so happy!)


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