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2017-10-06 12:09 am
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yuletide! yuletide!

Hello hello, prospective fic writer and also people on my reading page. I hope you're ready for Yuletide.

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2017-09-23 09:57 pm
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a playlist of fic

I'm out of town for a wedding and briefly have no responsibilities, so I played this game where you make a playlist of all of the songs you stole fic titles from. The fun part for me is that I almost never do this, so there's only 18 + 1 songs over 7 years. There's also a BIG chunk of The Builders and the Butchers, because I made a good faith effort to name every single Welcome to Nightvale fic after their music.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here. If you don't have access to that I suggest youtube maybe? Song list and liner notes under the cut! Song title links to the fic it namesook.

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This was a LOT of fun, highly recommend doing it. I want to hear other people's weird playlists! I'll crosspost this to tumblr tomorrow probably, but for now I'm going to just finish listening to my own playlist and go to bed, haha.
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2017-08-15 05:06 pm
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(no subject)

Johannes Cabal
Rating: teen
Characters: Johannes & Horst Cabal, Carnival of Discord ensemble
Wordcount: 18000ish
Summary: Johannes' bet with Satan is going relatively well. Horst isn't enjoying himself. Johannes is learning to juggle. These observations aren't related, exactly, but Horst spent eight years with nothing to do but think and it's difficult to stop himself now.

A/N: Thanks to my brother, who has spent hours and hours with me dissecting the Cabal books in general and Horst in particular. A lot of the ideas in this fic came from our conversations, and I wouldn't have written it without the chance to rant at him. When it was done, of course, he was too busy with 'college' and 'work' to edit it for me. Huge huge thanks to thehorseofadifferentcolour who stepped in, read the whole thing like three times, and let me continue rambling about Horst indefinitely.

This fic is set during Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, and is not at all compliant with the later novels. The fic contains threats of violence toward both adults and children, actual violence toward adults, human and animal death, suicidal thoughts, soul stealing, vampirism, and a lot of sibling conflict. It's sort of a comedy. Please let me know if you need details before reading.

Read it on the AO3!

I started writing this right after I finished the first Johannes Cabal novel, so I just barely beat a year to completion, haha. Incidentally, writing this and also talking to a lot of people about siblings while I was writing this made me realize how weird and fundamental sibling relationships are. I just typed a long explanation of this, but it didn't make any sense and anyway I kind of do that in the fic, so. But I would just like to reiterate: weird.
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2017-07-31 10:08 pm
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Fic: Give It Up

Give It Up
BBC Sherlock
Rating: adult
(Unsafe and/or unenthusiastic sex decisions that are either explicitly or implicitly consensual. Also, violence, murder, swearing, explicit sex, and misuse of antihistamines. Please let me know if you need details before reading.)
Characters: Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty, Sebastian Moran/Other(s)
Wordcount: 6000ish
Summary: The only time Jim seems like he isn't quite in control of what he's saying is when he's got you laid out underneath him, hissing in your ear.

Jim reveals a fantasy; Sebastian doesn't let it go. They're going to explore this kink, even if it takes several attempts and a few people getting hurt along the way.

A/N: I'm still clearing old fics off my desktop! Started writing this one in spring 2015, during one of my periodic Moran/Moriarty relapses. Also I think I was trying to teach myself how to write in the second person? This feels like archaeology, except for the part where I still had to write the ending.

Read it on the AO3!
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2017-06-13 05:34 pm
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Fic: Beat Love Down

Beat Love Down
Aubrey-Maturin series
Rating: adult
(sex-pollen style explicit sex, and consequentially some (relatively light) consent issues. Also period-typical homophobia. Please let me know if you'd like details.)
Characters: Jack Aubrey/William Marshall, Stephen Maturin, James Dillon
Wordcount: 3700ish
Summary: In the heat of the battle Jack Aubrey did not feel the sting of what Stephen later told him would have been a very small stiletto.

A subtle French poison is making Jack feel things that are not appropriate for polite society, nor even for the often impolite society of his ship. This is either the best or the worst day of William Marshall's life.

A/N: I'm trying to clear a bunch of WIPs off my desktop and I found this, which I wrote by voice memo while driving cross-country almost exactly two years ago. I haven't read any O'Brian in also about two years, so let me apologize now for any errors in detail, dialogue, or tone. Otherwise I apologize for nothing, I read the first book and wanted a lake of Aubrey/Marshall to wallow in and AO3 totally let me down. Maybe there's a zine out there??

Read it on the AO3!
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2017-04-16 12:08 am

2016 fanfic year-end summary type thing

I know it's April. But it is time! Time for me to remember...Yuletide, haha. But I did manage to write fic for Yuletide, if nothing else, and I like continuity and talking about myself. So:

I wrote and posted 15,373 words of fanfic last year: 11 stories, all of which were for Yuletide. This is part of why I've been kind of slow on putting this together. Not only do I not have much time to write fic, let alone write about fic, but 2016 was also a very stressful year for a lot of reasons and I reacted partially by not writing. This is my lowest wordcount by a huge margin - last year I thought it was weird that I'd only made it to 50k, and 2010-2013 I was putting up 100k of fic every single year. I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep while I was in college? Or I had fewer responsibilities??

Yearly questions under the cut!

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2017-04-12 11:24 pm
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Fic: Change Your Mind

So I haven't managed to put a fic in review together yet - it turns out that you can only do so many things in life, and I'm still working on 'transcend sleep and time and reach productivity nirvana.' But I did manage to finish this fic, which took me a little over 2 months.

Part of me is horrified that it takes 2 months to produce not-quite 5k of idfic, and the other part of me is proud that I've actually produced something before Yuletide. On balance, I'm calling it a win. Anyway:

Change Your Mind
Johannes Cabal series
Rating: adult
(explicit sex, hypnosis, and consequentially a lot of consent stuff. Please let me know if you'd like details.)
Characters: Johannes Cabal/Zarenyia
Wordcount: 4800ish
Summary: Zarenyia helps Johannes take a break.
(Sometimes an author teases you with hypnosis kink and you have to follow through on his behalf. You just have to.)

Read it on the AO3!
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2017-01-04 11:49 pm

Yuletide revealzzz

Hello hello! For those wondering, I did survive Yuletide and I DID write 11 fics. Which is... all of the fic I managed to post in 2016. So look forward to seeing an in-depth analysis of these fics in a couple days when I get my act together and do the year in review.

First, though, let's talk about the AMAZING fic I received:

Lapidary (3367 words) by Parhelion
Fandom: Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Archie Goodwin/Saul Panzer
Summary: Saul brings his hobby to work; Archie decides he wants both cake and pie.

Nero Wolfe novels sort of define my early-to-mid-teens, and I think I first decided that Yuletide was an amazing thing because there were three (three!!) Archie/Saul fics buried in their old archive website. It’s the wisecracking sappy professionals ship of my heart. And this fic Gets It and also has an amazing vision of the Nero Wolfe universe from Saul’s pov:

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Wolfe, he was the one Manhattan P.I. back in the thirties able to handle cases where the brother-in-law maybe did it with a silver spoon in the conservatory, but you had to have brain-power, out-talk a white-shoe lawyer, and win access to a Tiffany bracelet to prove it. I found such affairs to be nice little vacations. Mr. Wolfe, like most national monuments, was always something to see. Archie Goodwin, who was Mr. Wolfe’s associate in charge of bracelet-accessing, was a friend of mine.

Parhelion has written several Archie/Saul fics and they’re all great - I feel so lucky to have received this new one. Check it out!

(And also read the Nero Wolfe novels - I’ve already gotten a few friends hooked, you could be next.)

On to what I wrote:

Catch You When You Drop (6211 words) for perdiccas
Fandom: Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Beverley Brook, Oxley (Rivers of London)
Draft message to Peter Grant
look maybe i dont want to find myself in the country maybe i wanted to stay comfortable and happy in london maybe i wanted to keep fighting with the thames boys maybe it was kind of fun

Beverley right after the end of the first book, trying hard to adjust to being out of London and also get hot water in her caravan. As usual I just wish I had more time to rewrite this properly, but I am proud that I managed to conceive a reasonable amount of fic and write it in a reasonable amount of time, rather than Last Year. I even managed to get everything posted well before the deadline, although as usual I was surprised by how much trouble the AO3 servers have with Yuletide and ended up stressing out as I tried to get things posted through the 500 errors.

treat fics under the cut. More RoL, Discworld, Johannes Cabal, Baseball, Matthew Swift, and a couple small fandoms )

(Please give me Yuletide recs if you have any - I'm too overwhelmed to go diving, but I do love Yuletide and Yuletide fics and I want to read more than the three I've done so far.)

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2016-10-16 09:28 pm
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extremely minor casting spoilers )

Aren't you all glad that I'm back on the internet so I can share these things with you?
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2016-10-09 11:04 pm
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i am back because it is yuletide

Hi! Hello! It is that time of the year again! I hope you're as excited for Yuletide as I am.

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2016-02-29 10:52 pm

2015 fanfic year-end summary type thing

Listen, I know this post is an entire two months late. It's a metaphor for life, or something. It's definitely a metaphor for my complete inability to balance fencing, work, and the internet. The internet's been getting the shaft, lately.

I'm still planning to do a life update post! But for now: what did I write for fanfic in 2015?

I wrote and posted 56,115 words of fanfic this year. That breaks down into 16 stories. New record for low word and fic count, and once again I managed 11 stories for Yuletide, so only 5 non-Yuletide stories. The wordcount breakdown is pretty wacky, though: 25,000 words of non-Yuletide fic, 5,000 words of Yuletide treats, and 26,000 words of a Tim-Lincecum-is-a-witch. I wrote more of Just Like Ice on the Dune than I did of anything before Yuletide started. No wonder it nearly murdered me.

The lesson here is: when I'm trying to do too much at once and fencing is stressing me out and I'm supposed to be writing a dissertation and also teaching a class, I don't get much fiction written. This is super sad but not really surprising at all. My downtime ends up being a lot of TV or hanging out with friends just because I need to turn my brain off. Every once in a while I resolve to finish one of my wips, get 300 words in, get exhausted, decide I need to sleep instead. How did I use to do this? Did I use to sleep more?? At least I know I can write, because I wrote a bunch over the summer and then when tricked into it by Yuletide.

Anyway, yearly questions under the cut! Gotta figure out how to answer all of these questions with only 16 fics!

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2016-01-18 09:06 pm
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Music post - Gogol Bordello

Last catch up concert post! Next: fic year in review. I am so behind, oh man. I owe a bunch of people replies/emails too.

In November I got to see Gogol Bordello! It was simultaneously the most fun and most annoying concert I've ever been to.

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2016-01-03 09:24 pm

Yuletide reveals!

Only a couple days late. I just flew back to grad school land and immediately came down with a miserable cold that just graduated into a shivering fever :/ Time to do a Yuletide post, basically!

My main fic:

Just Like Ice on the Dune (26519 words) for sophiahelix
Baseball RPF, gen
Tim Lincecum & Hector Sanchez, Giants ensemble and special guest appearances from Adam LaRoche, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke
Summary: Tim is feeling good. At least, he's trying pretty hard.
(Or: the magical story of Tim Lincecum and Hector Sanchez's friendship.)

I nearly murdered myself with Yuletide this year, haha. I initially didn't have a clue for what to write, and then in mid-November I came up with a great idea that involved writing a fic over the entire 2014 MLB season. I finished the second (ie presentable) draft on the afternoon of the 21st and sent it to tumblr user inkstrangle who was super super nice and betaed for me on short notice. I got it back the evening of the 23rd and spent the 24th rewriting a ton of the dialogue and also the ending and also adding scenes... and then got surprised by the Yuletide archive actually opening on time for once. I actually finished editing the fic 2 hours after the archive opened, but fortunately sophiahelix was willing to wait a little while to look at her gift and it all seems to have worked out.

I really wish I had started earlier or had more time to work on it - I just finished doing a last round of edits tonight to correct some mistakes I noticed. It's not 100% the fic I envisioned. But I'm still really glad I wrote it. This has been a very tough sports year for me, and this fic was cathartic in a lot of ways and seems to have entertained, so it's at least mostly a success.

And I survived Yuletide! And still managed to write 10 more treat fics as usual, during that period between 2nd and 3rd main fic draft.

treat reveals under the cut )

Year-end fic round-up coming sometime this week! Now I'm going to go to bed before my brains leak out my ears.
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2015-12-30 07:49 pm
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Music post - CHVRCHES

Hey! Here is one of two music posts I had waiting.

I went to CHVRCHES with a work friend and one of his friends. It was fun! It was a weird deal because it was right in the middle of a local fencing tournament weekend and I was a little stressed out about that, but it was good at taking my mind off of it. The company was good and in favor of being close to the stage (yay), and the venue was... ok? Way out in the middle of nowhere? But with parking. Long ago I scoffed at this venue for being super far away and warehouse-like, and a professor randomly told me that it was a great venue and I should wait until I'd actually been there. So I waited, and it's still super far away and warehouse-like.

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2015-12-26 10:40 pm
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Yuletide is the best... tide

This is the year that Yuletide almost killed me, so it's super super nice that I got an amazing fic out of it. Behold:

Intimidation Factor (1666 words)
Fandom: Baseball RPF
Rating: General Audiences
Koo Dae-Sung, Randy Johnson
Summary: where all the hungriest brothers with something to prove went.

Which is basically fic of this episode of Pretty Good, the short documentary series where Jon Bois rambles about things that he thinks are cool. That episode is about Koo Dae-Sung (Not a Hitter) getting a hit and eventually a run off of Randy Johnson (killed a bird with a pitch one time). The fic is about what that actually means in the grand scheme of things, and is really lovely and thoughtful and gut-punchingly funny.

Over the last year and a half I've gone completely off the sports deep end, and this fic jumped over and swam with me there, if that makes sense. Even if you don't do the baseball thing (and even if you don't do the RPF thing) I think you might like this.

(I owe many posts, including a fencing/general life update, 2 concert posts, and the year-end fic meme which will mostly be populated by Yuletide fics. I'll get around to it soon? Probably?)
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2015-10-27 12:00 am
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Yuletide letter

Hey, hello, hello! Thank you for being my author and for having great taste in media :) This is gonna be awesome.

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2015-07-23 09:36 pm
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caught up on concert posts!!

As of... now! Haha.

At the very end of April I went and saw Acid Mothers Temple! It was cool, and also felt a little bit like an alien experience, but that was to be expected.

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2015-07-22 07:01 pm
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I got to see the Mountain Goats again

Back in...April! Here is a very overdue concert recap.

lots of text and some photos under the cut )

It was a really good concert.

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2015-07-21 11:10 pm
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fic: The Bearing of a Scholar

FIC TAKES FOREVER TO POST. I had it coded. It was done. It still took me an hour and a half from blank AO3 to now.

The Bearing of a Scholar
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Rating: gen
Characters: Mr. Norrell, Childermass, ensemble.
Wordcount: 9000ish
Summary: "A man who cannot get to heaven in a green coat, will not find his way thither the sooner in a grey one." —Dr. Samuel Johnson
Or: A very important fic about Childermass fighting with Drawlight and Lascelles over what waistcoat Mr. Norrell should wear to the ball.
A/N: Thanks tremendously to cosmogyral for editing, character correction, and a really good suggestion about footnotes. And thanks to prodigy for linking me to how-to-footnote a while back and making the clicky numbers possible.

Read it on the AO3!

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2015-07-09 06:43 pm
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fic: Clutch to the Floor

Hello, here is some Max/Furiosa tentacle porn. I wrote in the car last month by voice memo, and no one else will ever hear that recording.

Clutch to the Floor
Mad Max
Rating: adult
(explicit sex, swearing, brief description of a panic attack, some possible issues with fully-informed consent)
Characters: Max/Furiosa
Wordcount: 3000ish
Summary: Max knows he's dreaming.
A/N: Let me give you a short FAQ, in lieu of notes.
Q. Why did you write this?
A. I don't know. I don't know. Driving through Arkansas is pretty boring, I guess.

Read it on the AO3!