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20/3/13 12:55 am
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OKAY, quick post because I was at a concert and out late and now I would like to be asleep. But I saw Boy tonight, and wow wow wow, they were actually so much better than I expected and I was expecting them to be PHENOMENAL. Really great stage presence, adorable people, awesome music. Going to make a proper post about this in the next couple days, but here is one of their songs:

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Media recs today!

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Finally, music! This is not a rec per se, but SXSW is a thing and to help music peeps everywhere NPR has put together a 100 best songs list that is available for download on their website! And most of last year's 100 list is also still up for download. Hurrah for Stephen Thompson!
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I might make it to a post a day at this rate! (Probably not.) But all the homework I have left is experiment proposals I don't want to write, and my next meeting thing isn't for an hour.

So last night I got to go to a concert. It was pretty ridiculously awesome.

I was there to see Starfucker, which is an awesome sort of light techno-with-incomprehensible-lyrics band. I've really liked them for two years, in the way I like music: I listen to the album over and over and never bother to learn anything about the band. I brought along three friends, none of whom knew anything about what they were getting into.

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