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20/3/13 12:55 am
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OKAY, quick post because I was at a concert and out late and now I would like to be asleep. But I saw Boy tonight, and wow wow wow, they were actually so much better than I expected and I was expecting them to be PHENOMENAL. Really great stage presence, adorable people, awesome music. Going to make a proper post about this in the next couple days, but here is one of their songs:

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Have people gotten tired of daily posts yet? Spring break is about half over, soon I will go back to posting once a month or so, don't worry.

Two pieces of news: I've just read all of Zen Cho's work that's available online and it's wow, incredible. Prudence and the Dragon is my big rec, but I love it all.

Also Congress just decided to eliminate NSF funding for political science unless the NSF head provides written testimony that a given project is vital to national security, ahahaha I'm so screwed. Everyone is going to get crunched for funding all of a sudden, and I have no idea what will happen with a travel fellowship I applied for last month.

So that's awesome.

The rest of this post is also kind of negative, I am going to talk about fencing. Tomorrow I will post fic, I think! Something to look forward to.

cut for negativity and swearing, basically I just typed about my fencing problems for a while and now I'm going to hit post without looking at it )

ANYWAY, word dump over. I'm going to go work on my uncoventionalcourtship fic some more (5k and counting, I'm pretty sure it's going to be twice that). If anyone wants to ask me questions about fencing/life/just questions in general to distract me HAVE AT IT, otherwise thanks for being an f-list, you are very good at f-listing :)


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